Kilburn handyman

As previous residents of Kilburn we are always in the area and frequent most of the trade suppliers close by on the way to our jobs wherever they may be.

We are a quality handyman service and always try to do things as good as they can be done. We are all rounders and so can tackle a whole spectrum of work that you may need done in and around your home or garden. So if your in need of a skilled set of hands to tackle a few jobs please drop us a line.

You will find us polite , prompt and professional in the work we do for you and you can be sure that we will not claim to do things that we cant or that there will not be any additional costs or surprises. In short we try to keep things transparent between us and our clients as this just works out better in the end!

Our guys

Our men are fully experienced and all have minimum of 5 years trade experience. We make sure that they have relevant experience in the correct trades such as carpentry and tiling, that we feel are best suited to “handyman” game. We also ensure they have a well rounded experience that includes technical work such as plumbing. In short our guys have an eye for detail but can still handle technical projects.