Handyman service Hampstead (London)


Welcome to our site. We run a professional ,quality handyman service in North London and work frequently in Hampstead. You will find our handyman service reliable and professional in every aspect. Our handymen are all professionals and properly checked for both CRB and the skill of their trades.

How skilled are handymen

g3039Most handymen will typically have experience in 2-3 trades. They will typically start out with a main trade for instance carpentry, and then they will pick up others as they progress. So it is rare to find a handyman that is very good in all the trades as in most cases they will have spent the majority of their time on one. Some genuine all rounders do exist but they tend to be exceptional handymen and will often have mastered everything, including the technical trades such as plumbing and electrics. Due to the amount of skills and information a handyman needs to master in order to be proficient in all the trades, they need to be of a certain character. That character is to thirst for knowledge and drive themselves to learn new skills!

Get in touch with us for a chat and advice on your job. We are available to view and provide approximations for larger jobs.Our handymen undertake small to large jobs from things such as plumbing, carpentry, tiling, decorating and all manner of standard handyman work.