[PDF] Obsession | by ✓ Debra Webb, Obsession, Debra Webb, Obsession Special Agent Jess Harris has spent than a decade studying the many faces of evil In her determination to stop a serial killer she broke the rules and it cost her everything With her career in need of resuscitation and her love life dead and buried Jess jumps at a chance to advise on a case that has the top detectives of Birmingham Alabama stumped But the caseSpecial Agent Jess Harr, [PDF] Obsession | by ✓ Debra Webb - Obsession, Obsession Special Agent Jess Harris has spent than a decade studying the many faces of evil In her determination to stop a serial killer she broke the rules and it cost her everything With her career in need

  • Title: Obsession
  • Author: Debra Webb
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition


Obsession [PDF] Obsession | by ✓ Debra Webb - Obsession, Obsession Special Agent Jess Harris has spent than a decade studying the many faces of evil In her determination to stop a serial killer she broke the rules and it cost her everything With her career in need [PDF] Obsession | by ✓ Debra Webb - Obsession, Obsession Special Agent Jess Harris has spent than a decade studying the many faces of evil In her determination to stop a serial killer she broke the rules and it cost her everything With her career in need [PDF] Obsession | by ✓ Debra Webb

  • [PDF] Obsession | by ✓ Debra Webb
    379Debra Webb

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  1. Originally posted on The Book NymphoQuick SummaryFBI Special Agent Jess Harris is a profiler assigned to the BAU in Quantico for now When four young women are reported missing in Birmingham and she s asked to advise on the case, Jess returns to her hometown to work with Police Chief Dan Burnett, the man who broke her heart years ago.The caseEach of the missing girls situations seem different and unconnected, which is puzzling in itself The first order of business is to determine if they re actua [...]

  2. An amazing beginning to this thrilling romantic suspense series by Debra Webb Top that off with the 99 cent price and it s a steal This one caught me from the beginning and never let go The characterizations were so well presented, the crimes dark and gritty which is just how I like them and even some unanswered questions and a cliffhanger at the end didn t diminish the high I got from this reading experience After visiting Webb s website, I now know that this will be a 12 book series I m hoping [...]

  3. Special Agent Jess Harris had made the sacrifice career or love choosing a career that she loved and was fabulously good at So good that she had identified the maniacal serial killer The Player after five long years of murder and mayhem However, The Player had played Jess and he was now off on a technicality and Jess was in jeopardy of both losing her job and becoming the players next target Now Jess has left Quantico behind to refocus and return home to Birmingham, Alabama and help an old frien [...]

  4. First off, I really like the covers on this book series I like the bright pop of the neon, and I like how each cover looks the same with the exception of the graphics on the film Pretty Jess Harris is pretty much a rogue Special Agent at this point in time She made a judgement error on a case with the FBI and is pretty much out the door She gets called to her hometown of Birmingham by her former boyfriend, Chief of police Dan Burnett, to assist on a case involving missing teens She was a top pro [...]

  5. Author Debra WebbPublished By Pink House Press Age Recommended AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanBook Blog For GMTARating 5Review Obsession by Debra Webb was a excellent read that was full of suspense with a bit of romance that will not let you put it down until the end with so many twist and turns All of the characters were very interesting and well developed that will give you a awesome read that will only have you wanting After FBI Jess Harris had made her first mistake and a bad man will walk bec [...]

  6. She is his Obsession Obsession is the first book in Debra Webb s planned twelve book Faces of Evil series Webb crafted the series in a serial fashion one overarching big bad The Player that spans all twelve books with individual perpetrators in each book Each book brings clues to The Player but resolves the case of the week similar to a season of a weekly television series Obsession brings us the first introduction to The Player, a ruthless serial killer who s gotten away with murder for years I [...]

  7. I am so glad that I purchased Obsession and its sequel, Impulse, at the same time Trust me, I immediately started to read Impulse after I finished Obsession The gist of the story is Jess Harris, an FBI profiler on administrative leave for for seriously messing up a case, returns home to Birmingham at the request of Dan Burnett, chief of police and her former lover He believes he has a serial killer case.Obsession grabs you from the first page and doesn t let go It is gritty and fast paced I love [...]

  8. This is a brand new author for me and the reason I am reading these books is that in one of Christy Reece s updates, I saw she had added them on her to read list on Loved the covers and they caught my attention I have also checked out Debra Webb s site and apparently there are going to be twelve books in this series I already have the 2nd one called Impulse.I finished reading Obsession yesterday morning and still feel restless and jumpy yet so excited as it was fabulous Absolutely nail biting an [...]

  9. Wow, wow, wowwhat a bargain basement price for an unexpectedly great surprise read and all for the low, low price of.99 cents I got waaaaay than I bargained for with this offering from Debra Webb I would have paid 10x times that amount Obsession reminds me of the works from some authors who are auto buy authors for me Karen Rose, Lisa Gardner and Tess Gerritsen If you enjoy the suspense thriller genre with edge of your seat action then you won t want to miss out on Obsession I ve already purcha [...]

  10. Debra Webb is one of my favorite authors, and she has done it again FBI Special Agent Jess Harris is on a forced leave from her assignment as an investigator and profiler at Quantico, Virginia In the pursuit of a serial killer her zeal got the better of her and she overstepped, breaking the rules and damaging her career Meanwhile, her former beau and first love Dan Burnett, the Chief of Police in Birmingham, Alabama, needs her help and expertise Four girls have gone missing in his town, and he r [...]

  11. Obsession will get you hooked I took my time reading this book, as it is full of minute details for you to pay attention to As a fan of Dean Koontz and Douglas Preston Lincoln Child, I think Webb is definitely a new force in the police mystery thriller range She builds you slowly into liking the characters, until suddenly you are enraptured with the story and don t want to put it down At that point it s a locomotive of a ride, steam rolling to the finish and not letting the reader down along the [...]

  12. I received a free copy of Obsession Faces of Evil 1 by Debra Webb from for my review The main character, Special Agent Jess Harris, is returning to her hometown to assist with on going missing person cases Jess Harris is leaving behind a broken marriage, loss of her stellar career, and is now being stalked by a serial killer Ms Webb is an Alabama native and gives a wonderful description from the humid climate, to the indicatve slow southern drawl, to how rivalary football is revered in the South [...]

  13. We start this series off with a bang, Jess has been called to Birmingham by her former lover who is now the Chief of Police to investigate the disappearance of multiple young women These women are not the type to have just run away but instead are women who care deeply about their families She is still smarting from the disaster she has left with the FBI which is about to get her fired from the Bureau You see she got a little too involved in a case with a serial killer and went outside the lines [...]

  14. 5 STARSOnce the story start ti build did not want to stop reading If I was not already tired I start the next book in the series.Special Agent Jess Harris life was falling apart Her marriage is over, her FBI career will be over soon Worst of all because of her mistake a killer is going to go free.Her old boyfriend back home in Birmingham has called her for help He was the Chief of police of Birmingham 5 collage age girls are missing Thier is no proof of foul play or crime They just up and left T [...]

  15. This is a condensed version of this review The extended version can be found hereMy Overall Thoughts Impressions I m so glad that World Literary Cafe is allowing me to review books for them.I went into this book with absolutely no expectations I honestly didn t know what to think I just saw that this was romantic suspense thriller and I was hooked I was worried that this novel would be slightly questionabled it was But I still really liked it Once again, I ll reiterate that this is a novel for m [...]

  16. If you like romantic suspense tangled up in a psychological thriller, you ll relish OBSESSION, a white knuckle cliff hanger from Debra Webb It s the first in the Faces of Evil series and features fallen FBI profiler, Jess Harris and her ex, Police Chief Dan Burnett Jess has returned to Birmingham, Alabama, a place she d escaped years before, after being accused of botching a high profile investigation that allows a known serial killer to walk She s been hired by Dan to advise on a case of four m [...]

  17. It has been a long time since I have read a book that kept me on the edge of my chair like this one.Ms Webb you have got yourself a new fan This is the first book of Ms Webb s that I have read and it will certainly not be the last Her writing style is gripping and concise and always leaves the reader wondering what is really happening as the writing gives the illusion that they are not being shown the whole picture until they reach the end.Ms Webb has created charcters that have traits that all [...]

  18. This is a very good mystery thriller I really enjoyed the fast pace of the story The resolution was satisfactory What I did not like, or should I say, WHO I did not like was the main protagonist, an FBI profiler who had made a serious error of judgement and was now persona non grata in the FBI But she had not yet been dismissed and so an old friend, a police chief, asked her to come to his town to help search for missing girls We keep hearing about how smart and capable she is, but she is annoyi [...]

  19. I am very fortunate to have won the first six books in the Faces of Evil books from the author, Debra Webb My review is exactly that, my own I was not paid for it, and I received the six books, which the author was kind enough to autograph for me.I just completed OBSESSION in one day, and it was a page turner for me I know that the series continues, evenutally, for eleven volumes, so it is tough to evaluate the first one and to expect that my opinions won t change on these topics in future read [...]

  20. Synopsis from bn She thought she d left the murders and his obsession behind .Special Agent Jess Harris has spent than a decade studying the many faces of evil In her determination to stop a serial killer, she broke the rules, and it cost her everything With her career in need of resuscitation and her love life dead and buried, Jess jumps at a chance to advise on a case that has the top detectives of Birmingham, Alabama, stumped But the case forces her to confront all the reasons she put her ho [...]

  21. This was my first book by Debra Webb and will not be my last I have been a big fan of JD Robb s In Death books and this one reminded me of that series Not so much in the characters Jess is a lot different than Eve Dallas but in the way the reader is a part of the investigation and the amount of mystery suspense It is fun to try and figure things out on your own as you read the story I always find it fascinating to go through a case like this when the crime involves than one victim It is a huge [...]

  22. Wow, I really loved the start of this series I devoured this book in one sitting I couldn t put it down Honestly, I don t even know how I came across this book, but I am so glad I did This story follows Jess, a FBI Profiler who is at the height of her career when she does something that risks everything she has worked so hard for, so when Dan the Chief of the Birmingham PD calls and asks her assistance on a case where college girls are disappearing, she leaves Virginia and heads back to her home [...]

  23. Obsession Faces of Evil is Debra Webb s first foray into the genre of thrillers and wow, does she make an impression FBI profiler Jess Harris, after having spent her adult life understanding and catching serial killers makes her first mistake and a very, very bad man will walk because of it With no husband or family and a boss who has thrown her career under the bus, she s than happy to return to Birmingham, AL to help her first love, Police Chief Dan Burnett figure out the link between five gi [...]

  24. I d heard this series buzzed about back when it was being self pubbed, so when I saw it in the bookstore it s since been picked up by Grand Central , I decided to give it a whirl It wasn t bad, but just kind of a blah read for me The general plot involves an FBI agent who has fallen from grace and is now back home in Birmingham helping an old flame with a case involving the mysterious disappearance of a number of young women I ve enjoyed some of Webb s Harlequin books, but the leads in this stor [...]

  25. Originally posted at longandshortreviews boSpecial Agent Jess Harris isn t having the best week Staring at the inevitable loss of her job and the humiliation of having screwed up in a big way, she figures helping out her one time boyfriend with a case couldn t do her any harm than she d already done herself What she doesn t expect, however, is that the crazed serial killer that had cost her job is about to find her.Jess Harris is a tough character to get to like She s strong, independent, and s [...]

  26. If you want to know what evil looks like, look in the mirror 4.25 RATING Obsession was a great suspense thriller story that I really enjoyed I m glad I read the short prequel, Silence, before reading Obsession Although asbolutely not necessary, it does provide some background as to the relationship between Jess and Dan and I m glad I had some framework for past events when I started this book.Obsession is primarily a suspense thriller story involving several missing young women and the hunt for [...]

  27. Obsession4 StarsFBI Profiler Jess Harris is at a crossroads in her life On the verge of losing her job and her marriage, Jess returns home to Birmingham, Alabama when an old beau, Dan Burnett, request her assistance on a case involving the disappearance of several young women As Jess immerses herself in the case, a menacing specter from her past raises its ugly head and places those she cares about in serious dangerA well crafted if predictable plot with several similarities to Alex Kava s A Per [...]

  28. Disclaimer1 I won this in a giveaway.Disclaimer2 2 1 2 starsA disgraced FBI agent a police chief who happens to be a former lover a case of five missing girls with no connections other than bad luck a serial killer out for revenge The elements of the mystery suspense thriller are the same, just cast differently in each story I suppose that s true of every genre , so a novel of this type has to be really innovative to stand out, and this one isn t and doesn t Like a lot of this genre, it has a su [...]

  29. Disclosure I received this book as a giveaway but have not been compensated in any other way for my review I won t bother giving you the outline if the story as lots of other reviews do a great job handling that part of the housekeeping I read a lot and study a lot so sometimes I just want to read something purely for entertainment and usually I fall into the mystery thriller detective suspense kind if books I enjoyed thus quite a bit as the protagonist was a solid female character who was portr [...]

  30. Obsession was a great start to a new series, and I am already excited to read the next book I thought that the book was a great suspense with a bit of romance Jess Harris and Dan Burnett were both very likeable characters, and I can t wait to read about them the storyline caught my attention in the beginning and held it all the way through.Jess Harris is an FBI agent whose career is in tatters When an ex lover requests help solving a case in her hometown, she takes the opportunity to get away f [...]