The Sometime Bride Best Read || [Ginny Baird], The Sometime Bride, Ginny Baird, The Sometime Bride Successful financier Carrie St John has endured all the romantic disasters she thinks she can in a lifetime That is until her fianc jilts her the weekend of her bridal shower Carrie can t show up unaccompanied again and admit to her family she s a failure When Carrie meets Mike Davis at an historic country inn the recently ditched hottie offers to help fill the billSuccessful, The Sometime Bride Best Read || [Ginny Baird] - The Sometime Bride, The Sometime Bride Successful financier Carrie St John has endured all the romantic disasters she thinks she can in a lifetime That is until her fianc jilts her the weekend of her bridal shower Carrie can t show up una

  • Title: The Sometime Bride
  • Author: Ginny Baird
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Sometime Bride

The Sometime Bride The Sometime Bride Best Read || [Ginny Baird] - The Sometime Bride, The Sometime Bride Successful financier Carrie St John has endured all the romantic disasters she thinks she can in a lifetime That is until her fianc jilts her the weekend of her bridal shower Carrie can t show up una The Sometime Bride Best Read || [Ginny Baird] - The Sometime Bride, The Sometime Bride Successful financier Carrie St John has endured all the romantic disasters she thinks she can in a lifetime That is until her fianc jilts her the weekend of her bridal shower Carrie can t show up una The Sometime Bride Best Read || [Ginny Baird]

  • The Sometime Bride Best Read || [Ginny Baird]
    311Ginny Baird
The Sometime Bride

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  1. The only reason why this may not be my first and last book from this author is that I have another one that was offered for free, and that I might try some day Probably not too soon.This was a short book with 130 pages, definitely not too taxing, but neither very enthralling or compelling to read.My perception is that the poor 32 yo girl, abandoned by her future husband, was half ready to settle with anyone willing to take and keep her, bonus point if he could stand her chubby thighs When she me [...]

  2. From the AuthorThe Story Behind the StoryTHE SOMETIME BRIDESome years ago, I was staying at a scenic country inn in Virginia It was a place so primed for romance, that I couldn t help but think how horrible it might feel to come to this couples retreat only to find yourself ditched Next, I thought, what if you weren t the only one experiencing heartache at the lovely locale And, what if that other person had been placed there by the fates because he or she was precisely the right person for you [...]

  3. This was such a cute story to read This ended up being a lazy Saturday morning read, which I could not make myself put down The story starts off a bit confusing, the two main characters Carrie and Mike are both in a similar predicament and end up in the same place at the same time The first chapter is just a bit confusing because there are two separate story lines going and they both have the same elements, so it is easy to be confused however, the two stories separate back out by the second cha [...]

  4. My ThoughtsToday started out a sunny and beautiful day, however, around lunchtime it became a rainy day Therefore, all I wanted was a chick lit book to read to keep my mushy mind busy I chose this easy and I m sure, predictable book to read So while the lightning flashes, the thunder rolls and the rain dances on my windows, I am cuddled up reading my afternoon away It doesn t get better than this That was what I call a Cotton Candy fluffy story It was so sweet that it just melted into my brain l [...]

  5. I tried very hard to like this one The setup was a bit cliched, but could easily make for a cute story.Unfortunately the writing was very weak The editing was horrible with numerous homophone errors Eventually I was spending time making mental corrections than following the story.I really wanted to like this one, but it just didn t work for me.

  6. This was a sweet little romance book I liked the two main characters Mike and Carrie and of course Grandma Russell, who was a feisty old lady The timeline in the story was unrealistic and at times a little ridiculous, but it was cute story I think it would have been a good full length novel, with their relationship given time to develop I think this is a great in between book.


  8. Love at first sightIt is an overall sweet story Not as much actual dialogue as characters thoughts and musings The story seemed longer than it actually was because of that If you are looking for a story that makes you smile then this is just the book.

  9. What a cute story of two jilted people that meet and fall in love The two happen to run into each other at an Inn and the romance begins They both seemed to be meant for each other and fate brought them there It s a short story but worth reading.

  10. A sweet love storyI hAve come to enjoy her stories very much Ginny has a way of making the stories she writes so romantic, funny and very quickly reads As I neared the end of the book I couldn t put it down and read all through the night I recommend reading Ginny Baird.

  11. AdorableThe wedding gifts had a gift of the maji feel It was cute how they were planning the wedding without the proposal.

  12. So darn cuteLoved it from beginning to end The main characters were well developed and made you laugh the whole book Great light reading.

  13. The Sometime Bride is a humorous romance by Ginny Baird It was simply delightful to read Carrie St John had just been jilted by her fianc Winston He had taken her to a beautiful inn and at dinner had told her he loved someone else but wanted her to keep the ring and to enjoy the weekend at the inn Furious and heartbroken, Carrie throws the ring into the pool Now she has to figure out how to tell her Grandmother and aunts they will have to cancel Sunday s shower as well as all the wedding arrange [...]

  14. Ginny Baird brings us a wonderful romance interlaced with a lot of humor Her lovable characters will pull you into the storyline quickly with their true to life dialogue that details family and relationship concerns I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance She introduces us to Carrie St John who s life many would envy, but to her it s an accumulation of years of hard work She is a successful financier who has arrived at a historic country inn for her weekend br [...]

  15. The Sometime Bride is a simply delightful book to read Itwill make you sad at times but only momentary because then the humorous side of the story starts shining through.Two couples unknown to each other also visit the same bed and breakfast inn resort Each for two related but unrelated love reasons.Couple number one.Mike Davis is going to propose to hisgirlfriend, Alexia Big mistake as no way does Alexia want to move on to a higher relationship Alexia takes the ring Mikepresents to her and thro [...]

  16. Carrie St John believes that she is going to have a wonderful weekend with her fianc at a wonderful inn Instead, he tells her he doesn t want to get married to her and leaves her at the inn, telling her to enjoy the weekend since it s been paid for already She doesn t know what to do, since her bridal shower is not far off and she doesn t want to tell her grandmother who so painstakingly went above and beyond making her a great bridal shower She is at a loss as to what to do.Mike Davis cannot be [...]

  17. Contemporary romance about misunderstandings and getting over past disappointing relationships I liked that Carrie and Mike have normal every day people names I also enjoyed that their terrible ex partners had posh elitist names like Wilson and Alexia who names their children with last names for a first name anyway all that was missing for Wilson was a junior or III at the end of his name and I wouldn t need a physical description because I have a horribly stereotypical mindset which is only one [...]

  18. Not my favorite book by Ginny Baird To my surprise, I couldn t get hooked I waited until the end but I simply couldn t feel it Having read other books by this author, I have to say this book feels as if it had been written by someone else.The characters felt a little flat I couldn t connect with Carrie, and at times I didn t like her at all She seemed a little too eager to get married, and the way she fell for Mike minutes after being dumped felt a little weird I couldn t understand nor feel the [...]

  19. THE SOMETIME BRIDECarrie St John had just tossed her engagement ring in the pool Wilson had broken it off with her.This book also follows Mike Davis who is diving for his ex fiances ring in the pool and finds not his but somebody elses.They have had their rooms paid for a s a special weekend rate and agree to just console one another and stay the night.He planned to attend a 20th high school reunion and prove the guys wrong that he d still be a bachelor With his girl dumping him he d still be a [...]

  20. Carrie and Mike are both at the same country inn not together Each of them have just been dumped That is not an excellent way for two people to meet but it is one of the reasons this book is attractive to the reader This is not your same old romance.Both Carrie and Mike are charming characters who are created to be well rounded human beings Each of them have intelligence, humor and anxieties about themselves The secondary characters add to the texture of the story But, most of the book deals wit [...]

  21. Romances can be difficult for some readers, because they expect to read some dreary account of heartbreak and then tumultuous affairs Ginny Baird takesa different approach to writing romance, and it is a breath of fresh air The humorous element to The Sometime Bride will keep you wanting of the story There is also a strong personality in the character Carrie St John and also the chracter Mike Davis This mysterious element leaves a reader wondering, What is really going to happen next Such stron [...]

  22. I won this book through the first reads program, and really found it quite enjoyable.Carrie St John was a very endearing protagonist, and her problems with her love interest Mike were very believable Unlike some romance novels I ve read, the people in this book had very real concerns regarding their careers, and Carrie St John was not willing to sacrifice her job in order for love She was a professional woman, and I liked the positive message that having such a protagonist sent.The story was qui [...]

  23. It was a cute novel.I was annoyed by the misunderstandings over the background of Mike and Carrie and their eventual dreams because apart from showing what they were thinking it didn t really do anything in the story.But apart from that its a really sweet novel where two people who want love and a happily ever after have continually been to quick to go there with other people meet and fall in love And since they ve both just been dumped they don t want to go into a relationship and are still lic [...]

  24. what a beautiful little story about two broken hearted people Carrie and Mike, Carrie got dumped by her fiance and Mike got dumped by his girlfriend who he asked to marry, Mike was in the swimming pool look for his engagement ring that he gave his girlfriend and come cross Carrie s engagement ring he tries to give it back but Carrie didn t want it back Carrie and Mike made a plan for each other that Mike would come to her grans place and be her fiance and Carrie would go to Mike s school reunion [...]

  25. I didn t hate it it had some cute moments and ok dialogue it had some cheesy moments toward the end too though my biggest complaint is that there was never any real conflict the dreadful exes never made an appearance, the families of Carrie and Mike liked their romantic choicesere was never any reason these two single people shouldn t be dating maybe Carrie shouldn t have been bringing Mike to an engagement party for them, but she is a grown woman a rich adult at that she has worked hard for her [...]

  26. Cute story Here are two strangers both dumped the same day in a secluded vacation area They are thrown together with a misunderstanding and from there they quickly become intertwined with each others lives He agrees to pretend to be her fiance at her bridal shower so that she does not have to break her grandmothers heart and she agrees to go to his college reunion so that he does not live up to his forever bachelor status that he was dubbed with at school From their it is interesting as to what [...]

  27. Carrie is dumped by her fiance at a romantic Inn She doesn t see it coming and is quite distraught She chucks her engagement ring into the pool Just then the handsome Mike Davis emerges from the water with her ring in his hand He was at the bottom of the pool looking for the ring his ex threw when he proposed They pose as the other person s fiance to help them save face Can love grow when someone has been badly burned by what they thought was love I loved it A fun short read The perfect escape f [...]

  28. Criminy Ahem.That particular curse is probably the most hilarious I ve read in a while, and I m a voracious reader The story in itself was sweet, if rushed I felt like a lot of scenes just cut off in the middle without the proper explanation or round up And I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, meaning either Mike getting upset with Carrie or Carrie getting upset with Mike You get the idea.It was short, sweet and to the point, but lacking some finesse Still, it was a free ebook, so I can t [...]