Rain Storm Best Read || [Barry Eisler], Rain Storm, Barry Eisler, Rain Storm Barry Eisler has given us a new hero Japanese American John Rain the cynical romantic conscientious assassin one of the most clever and vibrant protagonists we ve seen in years In this new novel Rain has fled to Brazil to escape the killing business and the enemies encircling him But his knack for making death seem to have been from natural causes and his abilBarry Eisler has given, Rain Storm Best Read || [Barry Eisler] - Rain Storm, Rain Storm Barry Eisler has given us a new hero Japanese American John Rain the cynical romantic conscientious assassin one of the most clever and vibrant protagonists we ve seen in years In this new novel R

  • Title: Rain Storm
  • Author: Barry Eisler
  • ISBN: 9780451215505
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

Rain Storm

Rain Storm Rain Storm Best Read || [Barry Eisler] - Rain Storm, Rain Storm Barry Eisler has given us a new hero Japanese American John Rain the cynical romantic conscientious assassin one of the most clever and vibrant protagonists we ve seen in years In this new novel R Rain Storm Best Read || [Barry Eisler] - Rain Storm, Rain Storm Barry Eisler has given us a new hero Japanese American John Rain the cynical romantic conscientious assassin one of the most clever and vibrant protagonists we ve seen in years In this new novel R Rain Storm Best Read || [Barry Eisler]

  • Rain Storm Best Read || [Barry Eisler]
    450Barry Eisler
Rain Storm

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  1. I ve got to like John Rain He s a stone cold killer assassinating someone never ruins his day The broken necks are many, the martial arts skills thoroughly honed But the true skill demonstrated here is how Eisler is able to develop Rain into a sympathetic character, one who appreciated good Scotch Whiskey, who loves jazz and who is thoughtful and caring in his relationships with women It probably shouldn t work but it does I can t get too excited about the story this time around I drifted off ra [...]

  2. It was fun, contemporary spy assassin novel I think this was the second book with Rain in it I haven t read the first It stood alone well was pretty good There were a few too many digressions with Rain philosophizing over his life situation, feeling sorry for himself due to the way he is cut off from having a close relationship with a woman It got old by the end, but it was the major theme of the book the overall hook The paranoia in his life was severe he did find he could trust one person, muc [...]

  3. this is the 250th book I ve read this year.if you like thrillers, you should really give these Eisler books a try.

  4. I read this as an ebook 8 years ago reviewed it here It was out of order is on its third title, so no wonder there is some confusion I hate it when books are renamed In my other review, I gave it 3 stars doubted I d read it again I am because now I m listening to the books in order.It was pretty good this time It helped having the background of the first 2 books Rain is a very careful character who is aging a bit coming to terms with that plus other complications in his life Kind of a sad guy in [...]

  5. 4.5 stars After the thoroughly depressing conclusion of Hard Rain book 2 in the series I sincerely hoped that the world would leave John Rain alone and I wouldn t have to hear about him again Not because I didn t enjoy the books but because I thought the guy deserved some peace You have to give some kudos to an author when he makes you feel like that for a hired assassin.Rain Storm has a very slightly positive outlook Please don t get the impression that the book is a ray of sunshine this serie [...]

  6. I ll be honest, I bought the book because I knew it wouldn t hold me in a chair all night until I finished reading it I read Hard Rain and was less than engrossed But I did want to see how the conspiracy evolved Unfortunately the conspiracy does not continue in this book, so I still don t know and probably won t read another one Eisler is still bogged down in t0o much metaphoric imagery Pages of descriptions of scenery while Rain takes long lonely walks to make sure he is being followed I skippe [...]

  7. Wow, picked ths one up on a lark and it was a good find I had never heard of Barry Eisler before reading this book but it s great.The main character John Rain is a high level, assasin who takes up what looks to be just another job Well, it turn out to be anything but just another job So, John is out on an island on his own trying to complete the job and avoid becoming a targeted victom himself What makes this book even better than the plot and characters alone is that Eisler is an ex CIA agent a [...]

  8. All right, so I appear to be hunting for a specific character from Jack Reacher Lee Child , to Jonathan Quinn Brett Battles , onto John Rain Barry Eisler From ex military, to cleaner, to assassin How do we as readers gain empathy for a killer Simple enough, join John Rain in his voyage from assassin for hire to conscientious killer kill bad guys to wanting to get out of the businessbut unwilling to leave his perspective of the world no worries, this transformation takes place across many books, [...]

  9. Gostei do livro.As descri es dos cen rios levam o leitor a acreditar ter estado mesmo l o personagem principal, por mais cruel, insens vel e solit rio que seja, obriga nos a ador lo o enredo interessante, se bem que se pudesse ter revelado mais surpreendente Esperava uma reviravolta mais emocionante no final esperava uma personagem mais forte e trai oeira no que toca Delilah a espi israelita com que John se depara no decorrer da sua miss o Foi bom, s n o achei suficiente podia ter sido bastante [...]

  10. This is the first book I ve read by Eisler though note that it s not the first, but the third, in the series and is was surprisingly really, really good Eisler can really write, and has created a main character who is at the same time highly skilled and all too humanly flawed, exotic yet realistic It takes talent to write about an assassin who s believably heroic The book is fast paced and action packed but also deeply reflective Well done.

  11. Sei que levei imenso tempo para ler este Livro, mas a Culpa n o do Autor, mas sim da Gravidez que me d um Sono Desgra ado Gostei Muito deste Livro, especialmente das partes passadas em Macau um pa s que muito me fascina e que desejo um dia visitar Vou procurar por mais Livros deste Autor em especial os com o Personagem John Rain Recomendo Leitura leve, mas empolgante.

  12. From Macao to Acapulco from Havana to SevilleWe ll see monoliths and bridges and the Christ up on the hill Pogues Drunken Boat I m a completist, so you ll see the other John Rain sequels appearing on my summer reading list The series is getting better as the side characters start to play a larger role This is in part due to their appearance in small sections of each book John Rain is a pro, but he is a lot interesting when he has to deal with people in other ways than his special talent.I still [...]

  13. This was my first Barry Eisler bookI met Barry last month at the Pike s Peak Writer s Conferencewas impressed with the man and now am impressed with the writer excellent workBarry is an intelligent guy, articulate and personable His characters are well developed, interesting, and worldly His vocabulary is somewhat elevated from the usual thrillerI liked that The plot was great, the commentary was interesting and illuminating I learned a lot of useful information, as well as just some interesting [...]

  14. Having just finished the previous novel, I couldn t wait to start this one It follows on nicely and I liked the plot of this one, as well as the introduction of the character, Dox Eisler is slowly building a group of supporters around John which allows the John character to further develop though I am also personally hoping that he can find a way to go off the radar again Like all good assassins Bring on the next one

  15. Contin an las aventuras de un asesino profesional tan l gico y pegado a su c digo tico que le acabas cogiendo cari o.

  16. It was an average book, to be honest Simple one plot, not deviating into any side plots, start and end as a quick short read Nothing stands out in the book, nothing lingers in your mind as an afterthought or picks on your brain, a straight read from start to the end.John Rain has been living in Rio in hiding from his past involving CIA, Japan Midori, created a separate identity for himself and manages to live below the radar But when he gets in touch with his old gf in Rio, CIA finds him and off [...]

  17. Despite the mediocre reviews that Winner Take All received on I decided to give it a shot anyway Having read the first two John Rain novels I assumed that I would have a greater appreciation for the character that would negate some of the criticism that the novel received Having read the previous two John Rain novels definitely helped make the book relevant It is completely understandable why someone who has not read any of the previous novels would be confused I would even go as far as stating [...]

  18. Solidly written first person fictional account by an assassin for hire contracted by the CIA to take out a mysterious arms dealer There are several incongruities that seem to get resolved by the book s dramatic end, though its hard to imagine various CIA agents working with such cross purposes, but I suppose in today s super surveiled world it s possible The author also did a nice job of leading the reader on with a few false leads without ruining the guessing game by way of a non plausible endi [...]

  19. A CIA contact killer who specializes in making it look like natural causes and happens to be Caucasian Japanese is on the hunt in Macau Someone else is after the mark and they work together There are connections with the CIA and the Japanese Yakuza.It s hard to characterize this writing style of the action genera Nevertheless, I find it interesting There are very detailed explanations of hand to hand fighting The author writes in a way that is always very calm in a Zen kind of way It s very prec [...]

  20. Fast moving addition to the Rain series this is the third book in the series, it was previously released under two other titles Rain Storm and Choke Point Rain has retired to Rio for some much needed down time, but is found by his CIA employers He is sent off on a new mission, to kill a Middle Eastern arms dealer in Macau He re ups with Dox a super sniper, who also provides some comic relief to Rain s deadly seriousness , and mayhem ensues, along with a mysterious beautiful unknown, Delilah.Eisn [...]

  21. I guess I landed on 2.5 when I finished the book.Multiple times in the first half, I was tempted to just stop even though I really dislike doing that The issue is that this book is harder work than it should be Unless you are reading a text book, reading should be enjoyable.The issue is that Mr Eisler obviously has a very well formed vocabulary The problem is that he backs up the truck and dumps it on you in its entirety and unnecessarily.The plot was fine, the characters fine If this was a shor [...]

  22. 3 in the John Rain series 2005 Barry Award for Best Novel Rain Storm is AKA Choke Point 2005 John Rain is a half America, half Japanese Viet Nam veteran living in Tokyo as a freelance assassin.John Rain retires from the assassin business and moves to Sao Paulo Eventually he moves to Rio and reunites with Naomi, which allows the CIA, in the person of ex marine sniper Dox, to find him He is pressured to accept a contract on Algerian arms dealer Belghazi, accompanied by the beautiful and mysterious [...]

  23. Inicio cheio de ritmo, cenas de pancaria non stopMas depois a ac ao vai perdendo fulgor, da nao ter dado as 5.Apesar de n o perceber nada de judo e artes marciais, este gajo d lhe bem Gosto deste John Rain, pena nao haver mais livros editados em portugu s l vou ter de recorrer ao bookdepository4.5

  24. Winner Take All was an enjoyable continuation of the John Rain series but it lacked the impact and or depth of the first two books A Clean Kill In Tokyo and A Lonely Resurrection The encouraging thing is that it seems to have managed a transition from John Rain from a lone wolf to someone who may have people he can trust This should open out future books and increase the momentum of the character development.John Rain is an assassin, particularly gifted at making his kills look like death by nat [...]

  25. John Rain has escaped to Brazil in this third installment, but he gets melancholy for his old girlfriend who is also being tracked by the CIA He find her They find him And before you know it our hero is back in the orient with business on his mind This time he needs to kill an arms dealer and make it look like natural causes What could be easier than that, right Having lost an old friend in book 2 he gains a new old friend in this story, Dox, a guy that reminded me of Bruce Campbell from the TV [...]

  26. This series has been a guilty pleasure, but this one didn t hold my interest very well and took me far too long to finish.If you ve been following the series to this point, you know exactly what s going to happen once things kick off These books are a mix of the protagonist verbosely describing mundane aspects of spycraft or city travelogue, someone getting brutally murdered for crossing a line , pining after a girl that got away but not really and the bad guys getting summarily dispatched while [...]

  27. This is the how many necks can the protagonist break book.Drink every time he does Also, his spy techniques are a bit dated He is still for example leaving a hair on the door This is called a tell tale Of course, a hair is not the thing for leaving when you want to avoid DNA.And the knowledge of bombs is limited to trip wires As opposed to lasers which set off the bomb when the door is open.This book would have been current in the 80 s.And the protagonist is way way too horny for an assassin Is [...]

  28. Highly entertaining as per usual, but the final showdown was quite a let down John s character ambivalence remains an intriguing part of the story, but you shouldn t read this expecting a profound study of a hitman s nature.In sum easy, accessible read, even if you re new to the series no cringeworthy dialogues in Portuguese Dox lack of progression in Midori s story lackluster ending