Swimming Upstream Best Read || [Ruth Mancini], Swimming Upstream, Ruth Mancini, Swimming Upstream I once read that the end of a relationship is like being involved in a road traffic accident Which is quite fitting really given what happened Cambridge For Lizzie Taylor one moment changes her life forever When she accidentally steps out in the path of an oncoming car an old friend comes to her rescue and everything she thought made her happy starts to unrave I once rea, Swimming Upstream Best Read || [Ruth Mancini] - Swimming Upstream, Swimming Upstream I once read that the end of a relationship is like being involved in a road traffic accident Which is quite fitting really given what happened Cambridge For Lizzie Taylor one moment changes he

  • Title: Swimming Upstream
  • Author: Ruth Mancini
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Swimming Upstream

Swimming Upstream Swimming Upstream Best Read || [Ruth Mancini] - Swimming Upstream, Swimming Upstream I once read that the end of a relationship is like being involved in a road traffic accident Which is quite fitting really given what happened Cambridge For Lizzie Taylor one moment changes he Swimming Upstream Best Read || [Ruth Mancini] - Swimming Upstream, Swimming Upstream I once read that the end of a relationship is like being involved in a road traffic accident Which is quite fitting really given what happened Cambridge For Lizzie Taylor one moment changes he Swimming Upstream Best Read || [Ruth Mancini]

  • Swimming Upstream Best Read || [Ruth Mancini]
    124Ruth Mancini
Swimming Upstream

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  1. I loved this 22 chapter book My favorite types of stories are the ones that are drama filled, and this story definitely had plenty of drama It was told through Lizzie s first person point of view Even though she was the main character, readers get a chance to understand the supporting characters as well It s not a one person show I enjoyed that all the supporting characters had sub plots, allowing the conflict and tension to really heighten.Swimming Upstream was raw and edgy it wasn t afraid to [...]

  2. This is an unusual book and, in many ways, a sad one, exploring as it does the angst and dissatisfaction of life and relationships in what was quite a brittle era The portrayal of bi polar personality is interesting as is the issue of control and domestic violence Within the dramas of the book, the characters often seem adrift, moving from one situation to another in that hapless way that many of us do did to some extent in our 20s Although there is humour in the writing, their is poignancy and [...]

  3. Lizzie Taylor has begun to achieve all the things she thought she had ever wanted She is in a relationship with Larson, a man she has loved for years, and while her career could be better, it is at least satisfying Yet, she is not happy There isn t anything specific she can name to cause that unhappiness, but there is that sense of discontent.When she is hit by a car and is injured, that event propels her in a new direction Larson is not helpful or supportive in her time of need, so she decides [...]

  4. Lizzie Taylor is at a crossroads in her life She has been in a relationship with Larson for several years, and she finds that she wants from the relationship while Larson believes it is fine the way it is Lizzie is also feeling stagnant in her career, feeling her qualifications and abilities are not being utilized to their fullest After being hit by a car, Lizzie begins to examine her life and finds it lacking So she sets out on a new course, finds two old friends, and is soon involved in much [...]

  5. Lizzie Taylor feels that she has everything she has ever wanted, but when an unexpected road accident forces her to re evaluate her life, she realises that she is far from happy, and leaving her reasonably settled life in Cambridge behind, she sets off on a journey to London The book is set in the boom years of the 1990 s, and from the narrative, is it obvious that the author is familiar with both Cambridge and London, and uses her knowledge of this era to good effect The story is both entertain [...]

  6. Hard to put down This was a great book I loved the heroine, Lizzie and could relate to that something is missing feeling She is a strong woman a survivor who manages to do what a lot of people are afraid to do she takes charge of her life, and makes necessary changes when she realizes she s not happy.I was drawn to the pages, trying to find out what happens to Lizzie The supporting characters Lizzie s two friends are well developed and very interesting.This book was hard to put down, and I m loo [...]

  7. I could not put down this book when I started reading it I have to say, I really really do not like Martin That aside I believe this book really shows the ups and downs in life and how people can sometimes fool themselves into thinking that they are happy because they do not want to see the truth I know every person can relate to at least one character in this book I am glad that I had the chance to read it and I know I will read it again

  8. This is an absolutely brilliant book Others have commented that it s of book for women but I m not a woman, and I enjoyed it Pause I ve just done a quick check i m definitely a man.

  9. Loved it Fantastic book Once I started reading Swimming Upstream I did not want to put it down It drew me in to the emotions being felt by Lizzie until I felt everyone of them myself Note I received a copy of this book through First Reads.

  10. This character driven tale is a story of self discovery, friendships, relationships and what happens when you realise that you aren t quite as satisfied with your life as you had always led yourself to believe Getting hit by a car forces the protagonist of this story, Lizzie, to take a look at her life and in particular assess her long term relationship When she realises that ultimately it is going nowhere, ending it is only the catalyst in a long chain of events that later leads her to seek a n [...]

  11. Lizzie has been living in a fog of unhappiness Her relationship with her boyfriend hasn t been right for some time, and despite the fact that she has a good job and friends, there s something missing in her life Then Lizzie accidentally walks into the path of a car, and she sets in motion a series of events that will change her life for ever This is a story about loss, about choices, living with your decisions, battling your demons, and most of all I think it s about friendship The warm, but som [...]

  12. Swimming Upstream is one of those books that when you finish it you just want to tell the whole world to read it I don t normally read books that deal with tragedy and mental illness, instead gravitating toward books that are a laugh a page but something about Swimming Upstream pulled me in and didn t let go There certainly were some funny bits too The story s heroine, Lizzie, is so very real you start to wonder who of your loved ones she most reminds you of There is so much going on with her an [...]

  13. SWIMMING UPSTREAM by Ruth Mancini is a poignant story about one woman s journey to finding out what she really needs in life The novel is well written and descriptive, instantly pulling you in and making you care about each of the characters.Lizzie Taylor tells most of her life story throughout this novel, starting in young adulthood, but flashing back to her childhood and college days enough that the reader really gets a sense of who she is and how her personality was molded by the events of he [...]

  14. 4.5 starsI thoroughly enjoyed this book Although quite a bit heavier than my usual reads, I found myself extremely drawn in The characters were very well fleshed out and I absolutely adored and was inspired by the main character, Lizzie She was such a great person and I really wanted the best for her I wanted her to find peace and love The secondary characters had significant stories to tell as well and I was very immersed in those subplots too There was a lot of sadness in the book and not ever [...]

  15. Normalmente los libros de este tipo no me atrapan, solo me ha pasado una vez y fue con Segunda Generaci n de Howard Fast lo encontr por casualidad en el desv n de mi abuelita , hasta que no lo termine no descanse Es totalmente diferente de las novelas rom nticas o paranormales que leo ltimamente pero me atrapo, no es un libro f cil de digerir si se es hiperactivo lo empece a leer el domingo y fue por que f sicamente estaba echa polvo hay que estar de cierto animo para que te resulte agradable y [...]

  16. Wow I started reading this book because I couldn t sleep 4 hours later I m finished, because I couldn t put it down Lizzie is struggling to make sense of her deeply hidden childhood memories, while trying to maintain stable friendships with unstable people The characters are rounded, flawed, and supportive Zara especially was a wonderfully drawn character that I was really rooting for.I read this without reading any blurb, I just dived straight in I downloaded it a while ago so I had no idea of [...]

  17. This is an intelligent novel about surviving trauma and working out your own identity in a confusing world There is lots in here to challenge your ideas about life in general and how you survive the ups and downs Mainly it is about friendship leaning on your network of friends, providing support in turn, but also learning a certain amount of self reliance Lizzie, the heroine, sets herself on a journey in life, and though she isn t always happy, she begins to figure out a way of thriving This is [...]

  18. I was led to this amazing book via Twitter, and after skimming it I saw that it was witty, fast moving and well written, so I had to buy it right away I finished reading two nights later, and I can say that this book is heartwarming, intelligently written, and powerful.It did revolve around relationships between men and women, but it really seemed much deeper than a romance or chick lit to me The author has put several glaring modern social ills and struggles under the magnifying glass, and has [...]

  19. Enjoyable story with good characters and a satisfying ending I particularly enjoyed the way that the friendships developed Lizzie has begun to achieve all the things she thought she had ever wanted but realises instead that she is far from happy Then she steps out into the path of an oncoming car, and her life begins to unravel, setting off a life changing chain of events Lizzie leaves her boyfriend and her home and moves to London to pursue her career There, she attempts to overcome the legacy [...]

  20. I found this book fascinating It deals with themes of mental illness, domestic violence,betrayal and lost love The first chapter had me hooked It was quite the page turner and I loved the way author Ruth Mancini wove the many layers into each well written character Not to give out any spoilers, I highly recommend if you love complex characters and unusual situations of choices made bad or good.

  21. Just finished reading Swimming Upstream, and am rather sad that it s over This story was an emotional one for me Beautifully told The plot took me to unexpected places There were three or four places in the book where I gasped out loud Mancini is an exceptionally strong writer Her characters are vivid One in particular I don t want to get too specific reminds me so much of a friend of mine This story really resonated with me Looking forward to reading her future work.

  22. From the first page to the last, this book was so difficult to put down There was a wonderful cast of troubled characters I cared so much about each and everyone of them, and I loved being part of their journey The story moved quickly and the conversations were so authentic I felt like I was right there with the gang I am eagerly looking forward to reading the second book of this series.

  23. While the author is obviously English and some of the terms are such, the tone and events in the book appeal t any and all people who experience difficulty in their lives As I learned in my twenties, so many others have so much difficulty and I really do not This book reminded me of the same thing Enjoyed it very much

  24. While the story begins with a breakup and not a divorce, this book shows the perils of not resolving issues of childhood and gaining a clear sense of self before getting into a permanent committed relationship It does have quite a bit of dark themes, including death and abuse, but is excellently written.

  25. Free for Kindle from Bookbub Enjoyed her writing and characters Good depiction of how circumstance and choice of friends and their friends can affect ones life I would read the sequel if she writes it.

  26. Very hard to put down And I m a mess This was such a roller coaster By the end I was sobbing It was a great story Just in awe right now

  27. I liked the book I wished her friend made a better choice, but we have all had a friend we wanted better for than they did for themselves.

  28. Great book Not what I was expecting Almost like a memoir Very disturbing, but relatable I got so invested in the characters.