[PDF] The Free | by ✓ Brian Ruckley, The Free, Brian Ruckley, The Free THEY ARE THE MOST FEARED MERCENARY COMPANY THE KINGDOM HAS EVER KNOWN Led by Yulan their charismatic captain the Free have spent years selling their martial and magical skills to the highest bidder winning countless victories that have shaken the foundations of the world Now they finally plan to lay down their swords Yet when Yulan is offered a final contract he canTHEY ARE THE MOST FE, [PDF] The Free | by ✓ Brian Ruckley - The Free, The Free THEY ARE THE MOST FEARED MERCENARY COMPANY THE KINGDOM HAS EVER KNOWN Led by Yulan their charismatic captain the Free have spent years selling their martial and magical skills to the highest bidder

  • Title: The Free
  • Author: Brian Ruckley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Free

The Free [PDF] The Free | by ✓ Brian Ruckley - The Free, The Free THEY ARE THE MOST FEARED MERCENARY COMPANY THE KINGDOM HAS EVER KNOWN Led by Yulan their charismatic captain the Free have spent years selling their martial and magical skills to the highest bidder [PDF] The Free | by ✓ Brian Ruckley - The Free, The Free THEY ARE THE MOST FEARED MERCENARY COMPANY THE KINGDOM HAS EVER KNOWN Led by Yulan their charismatic captain the Free have spent years selling their martial and magical skills to the highest bidder [PDF] The Free | by ✓ Brian Ruckley

  • [PDF] The Free | by ✓ Brian Ruckley
    324Brian Ruckley
The Free

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  1. This had a great opening it completely reeled me in Books need to do this to get people to carry on reading, and in my opinion this did it quite well The opening teased me a little and gave me a good idea of the sort of thing this book was going to be about it established the tone of the novel and highlighted its gritty and bloody nature The violence quickly began This was all well and good, but a decent plot never developed from it Therefore, a good opening was all this novel had.An awkwardly g [...]

  2. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsThe Magnificent Seven Seven Samurai These action packed, adventure movies supposedly inspired Brian Ruckley when writing this tale of a band of fantasy land mercenaries taking one last contract before retiring.I m sure that doesn t wow many of you Truthfully, it didn t excite me either when I got this ARC But after finishing The Free, I have to admit it was a fun, exciting adventure with lots of interesting ideas and concepts.The story is set in a land r [...]

  3. I received an eARC review copy from NetGalley.Looking for a stand alone epic fantasy Want some grimdark gritty kick ass action and some badass magic fuqery Look no further If Joe Abercrombie and Steven Erikson had a secret love child, this would be it A gruff company of legendary warriors thrown in together with some cool battle scenes, occasional humor, and a wicked magic system with such dire consequences Magic users that throw this fuqery and its results, along with the cost of these energies [...]

  4. So I read The Free last week, having found a new copy in my local library and having heard some good things about Brian Ruckley While I haven t read The Godless World trilogy, the description for The Free indicated it was a stand alone story that sounded right up my proverbial alley and indeed that proved to be largely the case.The story follows the last days of a mercenary company, the eponymous The Free, as their formidable captain Yulan takes one last contract he can t refuse for reasons that [...]

  5. Fantasy Review BarnI know you like epic, heroic fantasy books You love magic with real results and consequences You enjoy the ballads of small bands of fighters taking on long odds Farmboys going to war is not a trope you fear but embrace But you are already behind on most of the popular series, yes Even trilogies can be a bit daunting if book one sits there unopened So trust me, go ahead and pick up The Free by Brian Ruckley Everything you love in one standalone volume, honestly you have nothin [...]

  6. average fantasy worth a fast reading but no as there is much better there loved Winterbirth and the author showed great promise in that trilogy debut with a second good volume also but those were followed by an atrocious ending to the series which diminished it by a lot however since I really liked one of B Ruckely s books I kept an eye on what he publishes and after a volume of no interest for me some kind of historical fantasy with vampires or such , The Free had potential but sadly while not [...]

  7. Full review here bookwormblues 2014 10 The Free isn t a book that took great force of will to keep reading, but it was one that, after a while, I wanted to finish mostly so I could just see what happened and move on It doesn t have much in the way of reread value, due mostly to the lack of character interest or distinction It s a fairly run of the mill sword and sorcery tale with mercenaries Not something I d really recommend, but not something I d advise that people stay away from, either Which [...]

  8. A solid and good Fantasy novel Nice to find a quality standalone tale, although it makes you wish for other tales set within its world Interesting characters, tumultuous politics, governmental upheaval, fell magic, and gory battles The Free is a great action tale and it is one I think you d enjoy

  9. Good story and a great, orginal magic system.However, not every part of the book was equally strong and interesting, the worldbuilding was a bit sparse and the story could have used some fleshed out characters.3 stars.

  10. Very easy to read A bit lighthearted than the previous trilogy, at least during the first half of the book, darker towards the end Intense characters and a fast pace.

  11. I came into this with zero information about it and found it an entertaining and smooth read As other reviewers have noted it bears a lot of similarities to things like the Magnificent Seven, but the resemblance doesn t bring the work down in any way One thing that Ruckley does really well here is that he dribbles out backstory at a very even and natural pace There weren t any painful info dumps that typify a lot of Fantasy and SF Dealing with exposition is a highly valuable skill for a writer a [...]

  12. A curious tale that feels like the end of a long saga a company of soldiers with a lot of cachet in their world, but in their last days I wanted either much, much , or less a short story, perhaps, or a novella This novel seemed a bit out of synch with itself But it s a page turner, and full of interesting characters and conceits Maybe Ruckley is hooking us with this tale in order to give us the whole world and the entire saga I hope so I liked the combination of ninja like warrior skills and mag [...]

  13. new world, new heroes, new terrors, new magic, new cool stuff same ol story revenge, honor tinged, warring lords, warring classes of mages , same dual POV telling fairly common these days but it mostly works I enjoyed the short story plot fleshed into a novel while not addictive, it was compelling, especially most of the last half I d read of the magic system and some of the characters.

  14. Some decent fun One of those novels where you know exactly what you re going to get out of it by reading the blurb Solid action, archetypal characters though only one or two were memorable , pretty cool magic.

  15. Best Fantasy novel I ve read all year Very exciting Sword Sorcery Heroic Fantasy, page turner Great characters, masterly paced and plotted Going to have to go back and read Ruckley s other novels.

  16. A worthy addition to any fantasy lover s bookshelf A solid read from a solid author If there s a sequel, I ll get it.

  17. The novel had a decent pace and story Would have liked to have happened at the beginning, I would the first 25% of the story was just in setting up the characters and setting Something about the way the author writes is different too, the phrasing and way the words are put together are unique in a hard to pinpoint way which I found interesting After getting to the end, I find the story to have been good but nothing special Just an average fun militaristic fantasy novel I find that I m annoyed w [...]

  18. REVIEW SUMMARY Stock characters but great action and even greater magic RATING 4 stars BRIEF SYNOPSIS With war drawing to a close Yulan and his mercenary company accept one final commission to hunt down an old foe and bring him to justice before he can kill innocents REVIEW PROS Intriguing setup and setting, better than usual revenge motivation, husband wife dynamic, dynamic action, memorable scenes, stunning magic, Permanences CONS Stock charactersTTOM LINE Brian Ruckley crafts a fun and satis [...]

  19. It s the end of an era The last of the free companies of mercenaries The Free is retiring, but they are talked into one last job, to kill or capture their nemesis, the last royal prince, their old enemy Told from the perspective of a young man representing the Contract Holder Skilled Warriors, Battle Mages and a pair of magical super villains abound Moving, dramatic yet wistful and moving with bravery, courage self sacrificing heroes and evil villains I ll definitely read a sequel.

  20. The premise, opening, and world building are all solid, with an intriguing take on magic, but it never felt like it finished strong It is difficult for me to explain exactly why I wasn t enad, but it just felt kind of flat as time went on It s decent genre fiction, but I wouldn t recommend it to anyone who wasn t a fantasy fan looking for something new.

  21. A good, fast paced adventure story set in a fantasy world The book doesn t waste a lot of time on character or plot development but jumps into the story and fills in as it goes along Interesting concepts, interesting world, you re in and out before you know it It was fun.

  22. A great, gritty mercenary tale Clever treatment of magic without it overwhelming the main story Looking forward to seeing Yulan and Hamdan in follow ons Moving on now to the novellas, Tyrant and Exile.

  23. It s so rare to read high quality standalone fantasy The Free was a memorable, contained story, the exact type of thing I wish was common in the genre.

  24. The mixture between magic and combat in this book makes it really exciting I enjoyed the shifting perspectives of Yulan and Drann It made both characters compelling for me.

  25. Brian Ruckey is the author of what just might be grimdark s best kept secret The Godless World trilogy Indeed, I ll never understand why Winterbirth, Bloodheir, and Fall of Thanes don t get love these days Fans of GRRM, Abercrombie, Cook, Morgan, Lawrence, and Lynch, this series is definitely for you Ruckley s latest, The Free, has been on my pile of books to read since last fall, but something always got in the way of my reading it It was a bit too heavy to bring with me to the Philippines, so [...]

  26. Originally reviewed here bit 1uM0BRyI have always maintained that Brian Ruckley is a terribly underrated talent in Fantasy writing His Godless trilogy was a blend of unique world building, some intense magical systems topped off by frenetic action throughout Agreed the trilogy ending was a little weaker than the start, but a lot of readers wrote him off as a wannabe GRRM Heck, if you are writing epic fantasy, there is not much room to manoeuvre around, especially with knights and castles being t [...]

  27. The Free is probably one of the shortest fantasy novels I have read in the last year, however probably packed punch than any four tome series I have ever read Done through succinct, yet still lyrical writing and denying some of the arduous rambles through magical systems and world building, it is a brief glimpse into the last days of a mercenary group off to fight their last battle.That is not to say the magic and world building is forgotten or done poorly, but is given to the reader by way of [...]

  28. The Free was published in 2014 and was written by Brian Ruckley brianruckley Mr Ruckley has published 6 novels I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley I would categorize this novel as R as there is Violence The novel is written in the third person and is set in a mythical land The primary characters are Drann, Yulan and Morve Drann is a 17 year old that has left his village to join Lord Creel s army He is new to fighting and barely survives his first battle But because he [...]