↠ The Duplicate Ç William Sleator, The Duplicate, William Sleator, The Duplicate When David finds a mysterious machine that can copy living things he thinks his problems are over By duplicating himself he can visit his grandmother and keep his date with Angela While the other David is in school the real one can spend the day at the beach The possibilities are endless and terrifying What begins as the solution to David s problems soon turns intWhen David finds, ↠ The Duplicate Ç William Sleator - The Duplicate, The Duplicate When David finds a mysterious machine that can copy living things he thinks his problems are over By duplicating himself he can visit his grandmother and keep his date with Angela While the other Da

  • Title: The Duplicate
  • Author: William Sleator
  • ISBN: 9780553286342
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback

The Duplicate

The Duplicate ↠ The Duplicate Ç William Sleator - The Duplicate, The Duplicate When David finds a mysterious machine that can copy living things he thinks his problems are over By duplicating himself he can visit his grandmother and keep his date with Angela While the other Da ↠ The Duplicate Ç William Sleator - The Duplicate, The Duplicate When David finds a mysterious machine that can copy living things he thinks his problems are over By duplicating himself he can visit his grandmother and keep his date with Angela While the other Da ↠ The Duplicate Ç William Sleator

  • ↠ The Duplicate Ç William Sleator
    128William Sleator
The Duplicate

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  1. Ever wish there were than one of you To sit in on that boring meeting, do the grocery shopping or clean the yard Be careful what you wish for Remember when Homer tried cloning himself with the magic hammock on The Simpsons Didn t work out too well for him either 16 year old David cannot resist the temptation to clone himself when he discovers a machine designed to duplicate organic matter The results are not what he imagined in fact, David is soon fighting for his life.I really enjoyed this It [...]

  2. All of William Sleator s books are good science fiction for young people, even though most of them take overdone subjects for yet another ride Sleator somehow does it differently and in a character oriented fashion.In this one, the main character finds a mysterious machine and clones himself We re then swept up in an amazing tale of what happens when there are two of this kid coexisting, how they get along, and how they can tell which one of them is the original since they both think they are W [...]

  3. Ever since my partner got a new library job four months ago, he brings home stacks books he thinks I ll like several times a week Sometimes the selection is slightly biased by his own preferences, which means that I ve read science fiction in the past four months than I think I ve read in the whole rest of my life But the main characteristic the books have in common is that they are typically children s or young adult mysteries from the 1970s, 80s, or 90s, which he knows I love to read and thin [...]

  4. This is exactly as you d expect, and it gets right to it in the first chapter where the main character finds a Spee Dee Dupe and catches on right away I tend to enjoy stories about people duplicating themselves e.g the movies Multiplicity and The Prestige , and this one didn t disappoint It s kind of amazing how low a level of trust you can have with your own self.The main character turned too suspicious too quickly for my taste and I didn t know where that came from, but to be honest the story [...]

  5. The wise person does not read William Sleator novels before going to bed Well, maybe Oddballs, but that is not his usual fare and nor is it the book in question here Anyways This was a disturbing book with an interesting premise Nothing, really, to distinguish it from other Sleator books I ve been trying to find some sinister twist in the ending, but either I m tired or just not seeing it A decent book, quick to read, but not as good as House of Stairs.

  6. Not really a scifi book More of a horror book A boy duplicates himself with a Spee dee dupe machine he finds washed up on the beach The story starts to get interesting as he competes with his double for a girl However, the book takes drastic turn just before the climax and then ends This is a young adult novel so I shouldn t have expected much However, since it had a scifi sticker on the side from the library, I would hope to get something other than a magic duplication box washing up on shore.

  7. This book was interesting I feel that everyone at one time or another everyone imagines what it would be like to have a clone In this book, the reader sees the limitless possibilities that could take place if you had the power to have a clone While the reader sees all the cool stuff that would take place if there could be two of them, the reader also sees the drawbacks of having multiples of themselves I would recommend this book for any student It was a fun and interesting read

  8. Not Sleator s best work, but far from his worst It s a fast paced little YA book about what happens when a teenager clones himself with a mysterious duplicator If you ve read Scientific Progress Goes Boink you get the premise, but this takes it to a darker place, with a little room for the expected evil twin shennanigans.

  9. Going into this knowing there would be plot holes and character problems was a fun read Four stars because Sleator presented a compelling, surprising predicament for his main character.

  10. Like most of William Sleator s work, this story tackles an interesting sci fi concept and then makes it slightly terrifying Here there main character discovers a device that makes copies of living things, and tries it on himself Hooray He can be in two places at once Except, of course, he is only actually one of those two people Interesting conflicts ensue, and the story gets very dark very quickly Would would you do if you found out that your double was trying to kill you The characterization w [...]

  11. David s got a problem he committed himself to be in two places at once He d really love to ditch the boring obligation and go out with a girl, but there aren t two Davids, so he s stuck Unless When David successfully tests a found duplication machine and finds he now has two goldfish, he gets up his nerve to test it on himself and suddenly both Davids insist they re the original He d thought cloning himself would enable him to be the one freed of responsibility, but his clone wants to have fun t [...]

  12. Book talk 1 It seemed harmless enough After all couldn t everyone use a duplicate of themselves so they could be two places at once There s so many interesting things to do and then there s all the required junk it would be nice to have a little help David thought so too until his duplicate showed a mind of his own and plans of his own.Book talk 2 Suppose you could duplicate yourself Think about it You could go to the beach or stay in bed and send your duplicate to school It seems a harmless eno [...]

  13. I fished this out of the book sale when it was pulled from the library shelves for not circulating enough The cover art was creepy enough for me to say no wonder this is here and enough to make me want to read it I was expecting a funny story about a boy who clones himself and the clone doing unexpected things in a really goofy way I was pleasantly surprised when the clone actually thought that HE was the original and then the plot thickens when you don t know which is the real and the duplicate [...]

  14. William Sleator is great, but The Duplicate tells a tale as old as time Pretty much every story about having an exact double of yourself ends up with them being crazy and causing all kind of problems.I was kind of hoping for the plot to go the direction of the duplicate being an asshole and this making the original realize that he personally is actually a manipulative, lying dick, and trying to be a better person once he comes face to face, literally, with all his shortcomings But that didn t ha [...]

  15. I think this book would be very interesting to children The books storyline is one that everyone wished they could live Most people woudl love to duplicate themselves so that they can get then one thing done at a time, I know i do The book also teaches a lesson about how sometimes what you think would be good is not always good in the end, usually it gets complicated I would recommend this book to any reader

  16. William Sleator was one of my favorite sci fi authors as a kid, so I decided to revisit all of the books that I loved of his While written for an audience of 12 16 year olds, his books are easy to plow through in a day or so, during life breaks, but as an adult, I can still see the appeal Sleator has a writing style where speaking of aliens and magic and real life all wrapped up in one paragraph isn t totally ridiculous eh hem, Twilight.

  17. I read this book back in middle school It was on a long list of books we could use for a book report Many, many Classic and books I had been made to read year after year.This was my first real non Classic book and the one that opened my eyes to Science Fiction and other books I would forever enjoy I remember my book report was almost as long as the book, not my best grade, but I was told apparently I was passionate about this book and that was what the teacher liked to see.

  18. This book was a pretty good book It was a super super easy read and held my attention The main character in this book is David He likes a girl named Angie Soon, he asks out Angie, but forgets he has a gramma s birthday He thinks life would be easy if there were two of him Long story short, he makes a clone Find out how it ends when reading The Duplicate, by William Sleator.

  19. This was a creepy book David manages to create a duplicate of himself who in turn tries to kill him Yikes I enjoyed the ending, thinking it was good the way the book turned out A little sad though I can t say much o much plot to potentially give away

  20. Finally, a book in which cloning is not unrealisticly portrayed Though this book wasn t exactly about cloning, the mention of it came up once or twice, and William Sleator gave the truth about reproductive cloning.

  21. Ah, The Duplicate I know I read this at least once for school and at least once on my own, but for some reason whenever I think of it, I just picture Calvin Hobbes and Calvin s duplication machine.

  22. A real favorite with my 7th graders Would work well as a mentor text and could be used for collaborative reasoning discussion The book does talk about a girl being taken advantage of , but would still be school appropriate.

  23. am now reading summer reading books again this was pretty good for a junior high level book sleator always has some interesting twists in his plots and books i have read two by him and will probably read easy to recommend to kids boys too.

  24. Good book for jr high or for high school struggling readers Has some kissing and a boy trying to take advantage of a girl Easy read, not too long.Fun plot that explores unexpected consequences of our choices.