The Children's Hour Best Read || [Douglas Clegg], The Children's Hour, Douglas Clegg, The Children s Hour Writer Joe Gardner has brought his wife and family to his childhood home in Colony West Virginia to visit his dying mother Flooded by terrible memories of the town s deaths and disappearances he begins hearing the voice of a girl who he believes may have been buried alive As he digs up her grave Joe breaks through the door that has held back a sinister evil, The Children's Hour Best Read || [Douglas Clegg] - The Children's Hour, The Children s Hour Writer Joe Gardner has brought his wife and family to his childhood home in Colony West Virginia to visit his dying mother Flooded by terrible memories of the town s deaths and disappearances he be

  • Title: The Children's Hour
  • Author: Douglas Clegg
  • ISBN: 9780440218678
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback

The Children's Hour

The Children's Hour The Children's Hour Best Read || [Douglas Clegg] - The Children's Hour, The Children s Hour Writer Joe Gardner has brought his wife and family to his childhood home in Colony West Virginia to visit his dying mother Flooded by terrible memories of the town s deaths and disappearances he be The Children's Hour Best Read || [Douglas Clegg] - The Children's Hour, The Children s Hour Writer Joe Gardner has brought his wife and family to his childhood home in Colony West Virginia to visit his dying mother Flooded by terrible memories of the town s deaths and disappearances he be The Children's Hour Best Read || [Douglas Clegg]

  • The Children's Hour Best Read || [Douglas Clegg]
    322Douglas Clegg
The Children's Hour

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  1. A dark and atmospheric novel of small town life and the evil that lives directly beneath the surface It may have dragged a wee here and there, but it didn t spin me out of the story and the slower interludes didn t last long Not that this is a fast novel to begin with because it isn t It isn t supposed to be Mr Clegg takes his time getting you familiar with the characters and the colorful backstory of Colony, West Virginia And then all hell breaks loose Welcome home, Joe We ve been waiting.All o [...]

  2. I love horror stories set in those bucolic little off the beaten path country towns where anyone and, in some cases, everyone has dark secrets and no one is safe.Clegg does an outstanding job weaving a bleak and chilling tale about the town of Colony, West Virginia, where an unspeakable evil is being perpetrated on innocent children.When Joe Gardner, formerly a resident of Colony, receives a call informing him his mother is about to die, he must overcome seemingly insurmountable bitterness and p [...]

  3. A superior horror novel that truly elevates the genre Clegg writes a chilling story while at the same time exploring important issues about families, life, love, and death.

  4. If you were a fan of Stephen King s Salem s Lot, you ll find a lot to like in The Children s Hour Vampires An ancient evil Love lost Troubled heroes who fight the demons of their past All this and , as they say.Clegg s protagonists are Joe and Hop, childhood friends who have lost touch since Joe left town after high school He looks back at his formative years in Colony with something akin to hatred Joe s mother is dying, though, so he packs up his wife, his children and his marital issues and he [...]

  5. No Just No This is the second book of his that I ve tried to read and, while it s a tad bit better, that ain t saying much I m not going to try any .Most of this book is just plain boring I could tell that there is some structure under all of this that could ve made this a decent book maybe not ubber original but it was totally drowned out by everything else.The story is that kids and adults, but it s mainly kids have been dying in mysterious ways Now they re coming back and Jon is back to his h [...]

  6. Once upon a time Douglas Clegg finished the last pages of King s Salem s Lot and thought to himself I wish I would have come up with that And as time went by this wish turned into What the heck I ll just write the same story again myself.To be fair I don t know if the author wrote his book as an homage to Salem s Lot or has stated in some interview how his plot was heavily, heavily influenced by King s book, but the many parallels and similarities cannot be dismissed.Nevertheless, I really enjoy [...]

  7. I ve looked for this book for years and I m happy to say it was well worth the wait Reminded me how much I love Clegg s horror It s so exceptionally well written, reminds me of Braunbeck take on what could have been a trite vampire story, characters you really care about and surprisingly romantic for a that bloody of a book I love that about Clegg s work, the depth, the heart I highly recommend this book.

  8. I am one to finish books when I start them however, this one was difficult I normally read a book or two in a week but this one took me almost 2 months to get through Maybe it was just me I don t know I found it very poorly written and boring.

  9. The story was just okay for me because it took awhile to get into A lot of jumping around, the detail skips around too much, and too much like Stephen King s Salem s Lot.

  10. Meh.Great start, but fizzled out about halfway through I had higher expectations for this story The description made it out to be than it was.

  11. I have mixed feelings about this book It started off well with a nice, tense, and foreboding introduction It then set about introducing its main characters while switching back and forth between different periods to reveal pieces of the puzzle in a nice non linear fashion The author develops his characters well, but for a horror book, he took too much time to kick things into gear While there had been hints of the sinister or strange from the beginning, the book didn t shift too far away from a [...]

  12. I think I m done with horror novels for a while now This was awful in the sense of mindnumbingly boring I thought I d like it because I quite enjoyed Neverland by the same author, but this book lacked both the childlike enchantment and wit of the former It just dragged, from beginning to end.Author Joe returns to his hometown of Colony, West Virginia, with his wife and two children because he has been told his mother is dying She s not, she just wants to see him Joe has major misgivings because [...]

  13. We all face demons We are all haunted by malevolent forces we cannot even begin to understand or control But in the end, there is love, family, communityhome Home is not a building, nor is it a fixed place It is where we are when we are with the people who know us better than we know ourselves, who have seen us at our worst far often than our best, and yetill find the strength and the courage to help us fight our demons and to forgive us again and again and again if we cannot overcome them.Our [...]

  14. In the children s hour nothing is at it seamsThe children s hour is about a town a a group of people in that town who at different times experience great horror, much of which they can not explain It is about the small town of colony that nobody ever leaves, except for Joe Gardner who had seen and heard to much of the evil in that town Many years latter as a grown man with a family of his own he returns to his childhood home only to discover that he had barely witnessed any of the evil Colony ha [...]

  15. The Children s Hour by Douglas Clegg is one of the interesting takes on the vampiric novel Although, I guess I would not call the monster s in this a vampire.The protagonist of this novel is Joe Gardner This is a great literary character Just because he is the good guy doesn t mean he is no flawed Joe is in denial about having a drinking problem that his wife clearly sees In the past, while drunk he cheats on his wife because she reminds him of his fiance that died in a horrible accident This i [...]

  16. Joe Gardner is returning to his childhood town of Colony, West Virginia He is there to visit his dying mother Joe and his mother are not close at all Joe had second thoughts about returning to see her The town of Colony holds some bad memories for Joe and his friends Joe will wish that he never returned to this hellhole of a place Something evil has lied dormant waiting for Joe return Joe has only one friend left in Colony and that is Homer Joe and Homer talk about the strange things that happen [...]

  17. I don t comment on most books I am about half way through and I am confused So far it is boring nothing there s no excitement I though this was a horror story but it s of a confused love story of past live events of the main character I don t think I will finish reading this book Cuz it did not captive me and interest me for the beginning I would not waste my time reading this book You will be very disappointed Also I will not rate this book cuz how can I rate something that wasted my time so t [...]

  18. Super book by a terrific author When I first started reading this and saw that it was a vampire type book, I was prepared not to like it since I do not care for that type of horror story But, since I have loved everything else that I have read by this excellent writer, I kept an open mind and continued reading And, I am glad that I did The plot was really a different take on this type of story The storyline was well developed, and I really cared for the characters Clegg is an excellent and very [...]

  19. The story was okay slow at times , the writing was okay kind of wordy at times and there were a couple of inconsistencies Everything fell into place a little too neatly for my taste kind of throughout the whole book I read a shorter piece by this author that I enjoyed, so thought I would try this I liked his short piece a lot .I agree with another reviewer who said this is like Salem s Lot unfortunately, Mr Clegg is not Mr King.

  20. This is the first book I have read by Douglas Clegg and I thoroughly enjoyed it It takes a while to get into the story but once you do you won t be able to put the book down.I will definitely be reading from this author.

  21. I m really perplexed about writing this review This author was recommended to me on the premise that he was very similar to Stephen Kings older horror books and I soon purchased this book with eager anticipation I didn t find that to be the case I didn t have that terror that somehow kept you addictively reading with Stephen Kings classics such as the shining Nothing like that, at all That being said the book itself wasn t too bad The premise is really intriguing A family returns to the town the [...]

  22. I would like to start by saying that I am a huge Clegg fan I ve read a few of his novels now, and a collection of short stories that completely won me over I still have easily 4 or 5 of his novels on my shelves yet to read Horror writing is tough, and this man knows his business Having said thatis book was a huge disappointment I don t want to trash him, I m a fan but, nois book was not good If you are looking to dip a toe in, start with Neverland.The book started off strong but started to fall [...]

  23. The story is engaging but drawn out in places, so at times I lost focus The writing is good but again in places kind of loses focus I would consider reading from this author but I wouldn t rush out to get his other books.

  24. Disturbing and scaryWhat I thought would be a simple read turned out to be a very well written book that gave me nightmares Weaving from the past to the present it tells a haunting tale of loss and redemption I recommend this book to all fans of modern horror

  25. BookThis just wasn t my kind of book It didn t hold my attention and seemed to drag on and on, I did finish it, but didn t care for it I will though purchase of his books

  26. Douglas Clegg can take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary This is a page turner, supernatural Like Stephen King if he can t scare you to death, then he will gross you out.

  27. Quick and dirty review, here I really enjoyed this, my first Clegg novel although I do love the creepy little illustrated story Isis I see a lot of comparisons to Salem s Lot in the reviews here, but beyond a surface similarity involving creepy kids among others terrorizing a small town, I didn t get that vibe Also take note of the cheesy stock creepy kid cover on this edition It s right out of the John Saul school of the 1970s, and doesn t do much to dispel those kinds of comparisons Although t [...]

  28. Clegg gets good reviews from Kindle readers and the books aren t very costly, so I decided to try one I got about halfway through and just couldn t force myself to continue I generally like Stephen King but this is precisely like a knockoff of King but done long after these books have ceased to be interesting hello, Salem s Lot, you old friend Is it really a compliment to say this novel is just like Salem s Lot when that novel was written in 1975 and was only King s second book Hasn t that been [...]