The Good Master Best Download || [Kate Seredy], The Good Master, Kate Seredy, The Good Master Jancsi is overjoyed to hear that his cousin from Budapest is coming to spend the summer on his father s ranch on the Hungarian plains But their summer proves adventurous than he had hoped when headstrong Kate arrives as together they share horseback races across the plains country fairs and festivals and a dangerous run in with the gypsies In vividly detailed scenJancsi is overj, The Good Master Best Download || [Kate Seredy] - The Good Master, The Good Master Jancsi is overjoyed to hear that his cousin from Budapest is coming to spend the summer on his father s ranch on the Hungarian plains But their summer proves adventurous than he had hoped when headstr

  • Title: The Good Master
  • Author: Kate Seredy
  • ISBN: 9780140301335
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback

The Good Master

The Good Master The Good Master Best Download || [Kate Seredy] - The Good Master, The Good Master Jancsi is overjoyed to hear that his cousin from Budapest is coming to spend the summer on his father s ranch on the Hungarian plains But their summer proves adventurous than he had hoped when headstr The Good Master Best Download || [Kate Seredy] - The Good Master, The Good Master Jancsi is overjoyed to hear that his cousin from Budapest is coming to spend the summer on his father s ranch on the Hungarian plains But their summer proves adventurous than he had hoped when headstr The Good Master Best Download || [Kate Seredy]

  • The Good Master Best Download || [Kate Seredy]
    226Kate Seredy
The Good Master

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  1. The Good Master, a Newbury Honor book written in 1935, is set in the Hungarian countryside in the early 1930s If you like nostalgic, heartwarming children s fiction or want ideas for Christmas presents the story ends with a Christmas scene , this book is so good I recently recommended this book to a GR friend for her young granddaughter, and started reminiscing about how very, very much I loved this book when I was a young teen I read it so many times when I was a 10 15 year old bookworm that I [...]

  2. 1936 Newbery Honor book This is like the Little House books, except set in Hungary I loved everything the folk tales, Kate s antics, the details of everyday living Why is this book not better known today It deserves to be read.

  3. Exuberant Wholesome Informative.Ten year old Jancsi, an only child, is the first person we meet On page 2 of the text, we learn that It got so lonesome for poor Jancsi, he would have given ten horses for a brother He had it all figured out he would give a donkey for even a sister Not horses, just a donkey.On page 76, a shepherd explains why he doesn t need money What would a shepherd be doing with money, Mister Nagy I have everything here I am happy The sky gives me sunshine and rain The ground [...]

  4. The story tells of a young boy growing up on a large ranch in pre WWI Hungary His cousin Kate from Budapest comes to stay with the family allegedly to recover strength after the measles but, in truth, because she is spoiled and naughty and her widower father cannot control her Yes, think Kate from Shakespeare s Taming of the Shrew, though I have no idea if the author intended the connection Over the course of a year and many exciting adventures saved from drowning kidnapped by gypsies stops a ho [...]

  5. This is a delightful, heartwarming story that is aimed at the 8 12 age demographic, but even teenagers and adults can enjoy the great storytelling The characters are vivid and lifelike Jancsi, Kate and M rton in particular I found to be very relatable Coming at this book from an adult s point of view, I found that the characters have layers to them that are than meets the eye But Seredy keeps the complexity of the personalities as a sort of undercurrent to the story so that while young children [...]

  6. I love these stories that bring on nostalgia and make me ponder whether or not I could have lived and thrived back in the day I m fairly certain that I wouldn t have been able to, I am grateful for being here when and where I am I had a fun moment when I turned a page and recognized an illustration from my childhood and realized that a story I loved as a child in the Collier s Junior Classics is a chapter in this book That was fun The other thing I loved in this book were the stories and or myth [...]

  7. Little House in Hungary Wonderful, warm, inviting, and informative historical fiction Perfect for children and adults of all ages.

  8. Picking nits.A Newberry Honor Book with lots of small, but annoying inaccuracies about Hungarian culture, myths and folklore Kate Seredy uses Hungarian names of everything like coat suba, prairie puszta, and names like Jancsi and rp d without giving notes on pronounciation or origins I would think this confuses the young reader The only character with a name with an Americanized spelling, Kati is actually Kate , a name that could never be a Hungarian name, not even in the capital city Why the du [...]

  9. Own.We read this book as our Fun Novel at the end of Whatchamacallit Circle Time, Morning Time, Morning Basket, Symposium, Whatchamacallit I loved the beautiful writing, thoughtful story, and many of the ideas presented.I was disappointed by how Romani were portrayed in the story.Kate, a wild, spoiled imp of a city girl, is sent to live with her uncle and his family after an illness and the death of her mother She is completely out of control and her father doesn t know what to do with her She c [...]

  10. I received this book from my father for my tenth birthday of three books the other two being The Singing Tree by the same author, and The Book of Marvels by Richard Halliburton This one I finished by sundown All three had a profound effect on my world view that has continued on into adulthood For a kid who grew up in the middle of the Pacific ocean, these three books opened my eyes to the rest of the world in a way that hadn t happened before.The story takes place in the early 1900s and revolves [...]

  11. Jancsi lives happily with his parents in preWorld War 2 Hungary, on a prosperous ranch where life is busy but satisfying When his city cousin Kate comes to recuperate after illness he is at first excited but then astounded at her headstrong, sometimes thoughtless behavior The two children have a variety of adventures and become fast friends, under the paternal tutelage of Jancsi s father, the Good Master of the title Except for the usual comments about girls inferiority to boys, and the demeanin [...]

  12. Jancsi and his father, Marton, don t know wha they re getting into when they pick up Kate, Jancsi s cousin from the city, at the train station Her father had written that she was delicate and had had the measles recently They expect a shy little girl They don t know that Kate s father had LIED about her

  13. This is kind of a Hungarian Little House in which Pop is trying to make Laura into a psychopathic serial killer I fail to appreciate the humor of adults, like Jancsi s parents, saying poor Little Lamb and neglecting to deal seriously with a kid s oppositional and mean behaviors that endangers others, although maybe kids might enjoy it On the plus side, the egotistical and monstrous Kate almost kills herself, after her many attempts to kill others, so that she eventually learns the hard way to be [...]

  14. Back in elementary school, an edited version of parts of chapters 1 and 2 of this book was in my guided reading book For some reason our teacher didn t use it in class, but I remember reading and enjoying the story of wild Kate who climbed up in the rafters and stole the sausages I had never heard of Hungary, or Budapest, but it sounded interesting Fast forward 45 years and I came across a copy of the book the story was taken from Unfortunately the beautifully drawn illustrations are in black an [...]

  15. I loved the Hungarian folktales sprinkled throughout the story, the simple life Kate learned from Pista p.73 , and what she reminded The Good Master of when the seedlings sprouted We are so used to it that we take it for granted, instead of getting on our knees to thank the Lord for another gift p.86.Note the lovely explanation of St Nicholas, the Christ Child and Christmas gifts when Jansci questions who the real Miklaus is p.184 My only complaint was that it didn t seem to take much for The Go [...]

  16. This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.Jancsi, who lives on a ranch in Hungary in the years prior to World War I, is thrilled to learn that his delicate cousin Kate will be coming from Budapest to stay with his family for the summer When Kate arrives, however, she is not quite what Jancsi expected Instead of being frail and sickly, Kate is wild and strong willed As Kate s uncle the good master named in the title does his best to teach Kate the proper way to behave, Kate and Jancsi [...]

  17. The author illustrator Kate Seredy was born in 1899 in Hungary where she spent some youthful summers on the plains of Hungary that inspired her work of juvenile fiction THE GOOD MASTER, a Newbery Honor Book for 1935 It was a runner up to that year s winner CADDIE WOODLAWN, which Kate Seredy had illustrated NOTE There is a follow up to The Good Master called THE SINGING TREE, published in 1939, and that book also received a Newbery Honor Book award Kate Seredy, apparently, considered herself firs [...]

  18. A frail city girl who needs fresh country air is being sent to the Jansi s house The frail city girl s name is Kate Jansi and Kate are cousins and there around the same age But Kate is not at all what uncle Sandor his name is said she was like Truth is Kate is really a Snobby, yelling brat who sometimes looks like an angel but is just getting into and trouble Fredrick, his mother, and father soon find that out But as time goes on Kate changes It takes a lot of time for her to change and now an [...]

  19. I read this book in seventh grade and loved it I love books that have stories within stories, like this one And I love books that aren t really about anything, but just mosey along Kate is a problem child, but I like how The Good Master parented her and for pete s sake can I throw this book at some parents I know My favorite story was the rooster one I used to tell that to all the little kids I knew, and then I completely forgot it But now I know it, so I ll tell it again DI loved this book The [...]

  20. This is a beautiful story I love the message of hard work and good character that comes from it We read this in our homeschool and I am so glad My kids adored it, too There are so many funny parts that kept them laughing.

  21. Great story for kids Not a great literary work but very effectively eaches a lot about the rural lifestyle, culture and history of Hungary through the medium of engaging stories about the adventures of two cousins Reinforces good values.

  22. I am 1 4 Hungarian, and this book was always a huge favorite in my family It was recently introduced to the next generation and retains its appeal.

  23. Jonsi, a boy from the Hungarian Plains, is unimpressed when his cousin Kate comes to stay from the city She s pale and skinny and insults his clothing Kate s father says she has come to recover from the measles, but the truth is, Kate is dreadfully spoiled and headstrong Her father can not control her and is hoping is brother will be able to guide Kate with a firm, but loving hand As weeks turn into months, the cousins have many adventures together and Jonsi may decide that having a girl for a c [...]

  24. Well this was a return to a childhood favorite and reading it yesterday as I took the Long Island railroad out to visit my ailing parents made me happier than anyone ever should be on public transportation Published in 1935, this wholesome and enchanting story captures the love, values, work ethic and goodness of the Hungarian Nagy family, father a rancher and farmer the Good master ,mother, the tireless and loving homemaker and Jancsi, the hale and obedient 10 year old son, who take in a Kate, [...]

  25. Loved this book I read a much earlier edition with larger, lithographed illustration plates and a clothbound cover that had the title printed with what appeared to be a cross stitch design Something was lost by turning it into a somewhat smaller, cheaply produced paperback This book is a wonderful account of Hungarian life and customs as seen through the eyes of a pre teen boy living as a farmer s son in the countryside prior to WWI His seemingly uneventful previous existence is shaken up by th [...]

  26. We read this book aloud at bedtime over a series of a few weeks the chapters are long and the prose is dense but rewarding My daughter really, really enjoyed this, particularly the descriptions of Kate s antics and about life on a farm She now wants to have a white horse named Milky and a farm of her own when she grows up.As an adult reader, I noticed the privilege this family enjoys yes, they live on a farm and don t have the comforts of city life, but Marton is a well respected landowner with [...]

  27. It may be that I like the sequel, The Singing Tree, slightly better than Seredy s first published work Everything really was idyllic in this story, with the exception of the roaming gypsies episode where Kate allowed herself to be abducted The portrayal of these gypsies, while understandable for the time period, is problematic in its negative stereotyping The hellion version of Kate is hardly existent as the rural life almost immediately cures her of all her troublesome characteristics, but the [...]

  28. I thoroughly enjoyed this look into early 20th century rural Hungary, probably very similar to my maternal grandmother s background from northeastern Hungary Although somewhat dated, when viewed with the proper historical slant, it is quite charming It is the story of a troubled young girl from the city Budapest who goes to live a very different life with her uncle and cousin She and her cousin get into mischief but while doing so give the reader a wonderful vision of what life was like in that [...]