☆ Pitching for Love ↠ Amy Manemann, Pitching for Love, Amy Manemann, Pitching for Love Tough as nails publicist Mia Scott has built her career by dodging the advances from her elite clientele Her number one rule never mix business with pleasure Until a split second decision leads her to a night of unbridled passion and the morning after blues when she discovers the man she spent an amazing night with is her newest client Professional baseball pitcheTough as nails, ☆ Pitching for Love ↠ Amy Manemann - Pitching for Love, Pitching for Love Tough as nails publicist Mia Scott has built her career by dodging the advances from her elite clientele Her number one rule never mix business with pleasure Until a split second decision leads her

  • Title: Pitching for Love
  • Author: Amy Manemann
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Pitching for Love

Pitching for Love ☆ Pitching for Love ↠ Amy Manemann - Pitching for Love, Pitching for Love Tough as nails publicist Mia Scott has built her career by dodging the advances from her elite clientele Her number one rule never mix business with pleasure Until a split second decision leads her ☆ Pitching for Love ↠ Amy Manemann - Pitching for Love, Pitching for Love Tough as nails publicist Mia Scott has built her career by dodging the advances from her elite clientele Her number one rule never mix business with pleasure Until a split second decision leads her ☆ Pitching for Love ↠ Amy Manemann

  • ☆ Pitching for Love ↠ Amy Manemann
    294Amy Manemann
Pitching for Love

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  1. Pitching for Love by Amy Manemann is such a good story I adored the hero and heroine and it was so fun from start to finish Evan is a major league pitcher who needs a little damage control and publicist Mia is called in to do just that Why not throw a little interesting aspect into the story where the two happen to meet before their business meeting and hit it off extremely well without knowing who the other one truly is It was so much fun Oh and Manemann can write some passionately hot love sce [...]

  2. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review and as always Amy Manemann doesn t dissapoint with her stories OMG I download the MOBI file and said to myself, I do just a pick ant then read it tonight I have to tell you that once I began reading couldn t put the story down What an AMAZING and AWESOME love story between a professional baseball sexy and hot pitcher named Evan Ahrens and a sassy, strong and smart publicist named Mia Scott He s in trouble with the league and she [...]

  3. Mia Scott has a great career as a publicist, and vows never to mix business with pleasure From time to time she fancies a quick hook up, and one evening at NightCaps in New York she gets chatting to a sexy strangerd spends a night of sexual bliss with himbut the flip side reveals a problemProfessional baseball pitcher, Evan Ahrens, has an altercation on the field that leads to him being suspended, and he is told to clean up his tarnished image with a new PR repWhen Mia realises her new client is [...]

  4. I absolutely adored this little slice of love I didn t want it to end This was such an easy and enjoyable short story I absolutely adore baseball and the fact that Evan was a baseball pitcher rocked my world They spent one night together and he can t get her out of his mind When she ends up being his new publicist he doesn t know what to do, but to fight for what he wants and needs She s been burned before, but never again, if she has her way Amazing story about the inner struggles battling agai [...]

  5. First things first, let s contemplate that title.From the genre, we can guess it s going to be a love story The synopsis let s us glimpse a little closer and see, okaywe re dealing with a ball player so pitching makes perfect sense Another look and we see that Mia is a publicist, so she pitches for a living, so to speak Oh buddy, but what you can t see or read between the lines is how all of these potential meanings and interpretations are going to blend together to deliver one heck of a story.M [...]

  6. Pitching for Love has two great characters a strong female heroine and an extremely alpha male Add in a little bit of baseball my favorite sport and you have a hit Ms Manemann brings her characters to life on the pages of Pitching for Love I love how the hero and heroine have a hot hookup at the beginning of the book, neither knowing who the other is, and both only wanting a one night stand I love how the reader knew what neither of them did and we could watch their collision course happen in fr [...]

  7. Pitching for Love by Amy ManemannEvan and Mia are such wonderful charactersd are definitely made for each other Two very alpha characters, who are not ashamed to speak the truth or show their weakness.After a one night stand, that both Mia and Evan don t want it to be one nightey come to find that her new client and his new publicist are Evan and Mia respectively Lines are drawn and attempts at a platonic relationship seem to be hard to fully maintain, particularly on Evan s part Not that Mia is [...]

  8. Mia Scott is a publicist that excels at getting her clients out of trouble back into the public s good graces Evan Ahrens is a pitcher for the New York Marlins baseball team After charging the mound when he was barely missed by a wild ball, Evan is fined, benched forced to see a publicist to repair his image Both Mia Evan were shocked when they appeared at the meeting and met each other They had just had a one night stand where they had each given fake names I totally loved this book It is a bit [...]

  9. This lighthearted romance keeps you on the edge of your seat as you have just enough information to anticipate what is going to happen between her main characters And when Mia and Evan meet in a professional setting the Sparks fly Mia and Evan have chemistry but will they be able to maneuver through a working relationship to have a personal one Publicist Mia is hired to help restore pitcher Evan s reputation after an altercation with another player As she accompanies him to these public events s [...]

  10. Disclaimer I was gifted an ARC copy of this novella in exchange for my honest review.Evan is a major league baseball pitcher who needs some damage control after an on field incident Mia is the PR agent hired to help him clean up his image Their first meeting is a case of mistaken or should I say hidden identity and their one night stand comes back to haunt them as they discover who they really spent the night with Evan sets up to prove they can mix business with pleasure and the sparks flySince [...]

  11. I had a hard time putting Pitching for Love down when I was forced to engage in real life I love how the story starts out with the characters from Amy s first Remington Kindle World book, Pulled by Love I couldn t get enough of Mia and Evan Their chemistry is amazing throughout the book Mia is a strong, determined woman who isn t afraid to go after what she wants This includes men Evan is a sexy alpha male that doesn t want a relationship and can get anyone he wants He gets so much than he barg [...]

  12. I loved this companion story to the Melissa Foster Remington series Ms Manemann has a writing style that melds very well with Ms Foster s This story seamlessly picks up where her last leaves off with two loveable characters you can get behind and cheer for Mia s personal struggle to avoid past mistakes and Evan s transition from player to man in love is believable because it s clear he s really not what he appears to be on the surface Keep writing Amy I promise to meep reading I received this bo [...]

  13. I really enjoyed this book It was a book where you could get lost in very easily I enjoyed the dynamic between the characters and how well developed they were.I especially enjoyed that Evan wasn t your typical Ladies man, he seemed aware of his emotions and Mia was the one who was closed off I loved the slight role reversal, it made the story refreshing for me.I enjoy the authors writing style and how well she meshed the characters flaws and love together.Another winner from The Remington Kin [...]

  14. I m a sucker for a boy meets girl kind of story And one with some steamy events Yes, please Mia Scott is a hard ass, walls up publicist in NYC One night she decided to go out looking for fun and meets her match in Everett Of course, nothing is what it seems The next day she meets her newest client, trouble maker pitcher, Even Aherns, and career ending revelations flash before her eyes As Mia and Evan begin working together certain events become unforgettable and unavoidable, and they must decide [...]

  15. Amy Maneman tries her hand a little guilty pleasure with Pitching For Love Mia is no rule breaker but Evan has her rethinking that I received an ARC of Pitching For Love in exchange for an honest review The books I have read by this author in the past have not been full of scintillation sexual tension She should try it often because it totally worked in this story I loved the heat but I also liked seeing the vulnerability Mia displayed It showed she was just as insecure as Evan This novel worke [...]

  16. this kindle world novella, has a great story mia is a highly sought after publicist who deals with all a list celebs and sports person s she s tough as nails when it comes to work and play mixing that is until Evan a baseball player comes on the scene the story play s out brilliantly you are right in there with them with the highs and lows a fantastic read from Amy, one you won t put down until you get to the last base

  17. Amy Manemann has written another fabulous Remington Kindle World novella I fell in love with both Mia Scott and Evan Ahrens from the outset I love Ms Manemann s writing style She easily draws the reader into her world of characters and makes it difficult to put the book down I highly recommend Pitching for Love as I read it in one sitting I d like to disclose that I received a copy of Pitching for Love in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  18. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewIt took a few pages to get used to the style of writing as this was a new author for me.Once I got into the flow of the story, I thoroughly enjoyed it In keeping with Melissa Foster s easy going style, it develops into a quick, fun read and it envelops you into their world I look forward to discovering about the Remington s friends in these new Kindle world Stories.

  19. I was one of the lucky ones to receive an ARC to review, phew what an amazing read This book keeps you right on the edge and you will not be able to put it down, I took this book everywhere.Amy Manemann is a brilliant writer and I strongly recommend her books, I am not going to share the plot of the story with you all as you need to read it yourself, and you will not be disappointed.Well written Amy, I for one cannot wait for the next book X

  20. One night changes everything Evan and Mia have one night stand When Evan is told to clean up his reputation, he starts with a new publicist Mia is that publicist She insists that nothing can happen between them again Evan cannot stop thinking about her though, and is determined to change her mind Will be be successful This was a really enjoyable story to read I loved every minute of it I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  21. Nice easy read mia is out to have some fun for just one night Evan just wants a nice quiet drink with his friend till she walks in the bar they spend one hot night together before she sneaks out the next morning Evan really isn t happy to have to meet his new publicist till he finds out who it is.

  22. Received an ARC to review and wow what a read Excellent writing, great likeable, real characters Mia and Evan are both strong characters with some flaws Loved the links back to the Remingtons excellent tie ins This will make you smile as you read it Don t miss out on a great read.

  23. This is such a good story It is a fun quick read And so sweet The way Amy writes pulls you into the story, I love that about her books.My favorite part though, Fanfreakingtastic If you read it you will get it when you get there.

  24. I really enjoyed Mia and Evan s story I enjoyed reading her inner struggle and subsequent surrender to her feelings I look forward to reading from this author.

  25. Mia is trying to live her life and not repeat her past mistakeswhen along comes her perfect man The struggle to remain professional is real