[PDF] Change of Address | by å Jordan S. Brock, Change of Address, Jordan S. Brock, Change of Address Air Force sergeant Michael Baldwin wanted nothing than to escape his family s political ambitions but his dream of freedom was shattered by an enemy bullet to the head Two years later he and his service dog Kaylee resist his father s demand to join him on the campaign trail where a photogenic wounded warrior is always an asset and instead return to the family sAir Force serge, [PDF] Change of Address | by å Jordan S. Brock - Change of Address, Change of Address Air Force sergeant Michael Baldwin wanted nothing than to escape his family s political ambitions but his dream of freedom was shattered by an enemy bullet to the head Two years later he and his ser

  • Title: Change of Address
  • Author: Jordan S. Brock
  • ISBN: 9781626494633
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook

Change of Address

Change of Address [PDF] Change of Address | by å Jordan S. Brock - Change of Address, Change of Address Air Force sergeant Michael Baldwin wanted nothing than to escape his family s political ambitions but his dream of freedom was shattered by an enemy bullet to the head Two years later he and his ser [PDF] Change of Address | by å Jordan S. Brock - Change of Address, Change of Address Air Force sergeant Michael Baldwin wanted nothing than to escape his family s political ambitions but his dream of freedom was shattered by an enemy bullet to the head Two years later he and his ser [PDF] Change of Address | by å Jordan S. Brock

  • [PDF] Change of Address | by å Jordan S. Brock
    164Jordan S. Brock
Change of Address

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  1. Hurt healing comfort Ex military Service dog Hat trick Michael is an ex Air Force sergeant who took a bullet to the head and is now permanently disabled He has severe PTSD and trouble with his memory and spacial awareness His service dog Kaylee helps sooth his panic attacks and function in everyday life.Looking to start over, he moves to his childhood vacation home on an island in New Hampshire There he meets restaurant owner Josh, a man full of life and love.I expected to love this one given th [...]

  2. Change of Address is a sweet, slow and steady romance with a really nice, healthy helping of hurt comfort The hurt comfort comes from Michael Baldwin finally getting his life back together after the last couple of years in the hospital and in outpatient treatment physical therapy Determined to start over again Michael s moved to his family s summer home on Hartsbridge Island with his German shepherd service dog, Kaylee, and caught the eye of local business owner, Josh Goldberg.I really loved the [...]

  3. 3.25 starsPretty much what the rest of the 3 stars reviews said I agree with all of them So to recap I thought Kaylee the dog and Josh s dad were the BEST characters in this book I loved them so much I though the hurt comfort factor wasn t strong between Michael Josh, and instead it was prominent between Michael and Kaylee, since she was his service dog.I thought Josh s reading problem felt like an afterthought, because it came and goes, it wasn t explored, and I was having a difficult time bel [...]

  4. This book has so much potential From the MCs, the service dog and the setting was even perfect but it didn t work No connection between the MCs and this issue with Michael s dad could ve been explored further to give the story an extra umpph It was just an ok read.

  5. 3.5 StarsA gentle romance about two men who manage to find each other despite their vulnerabilities.Michael has returned home from the army with PTSD and a need for refuge and peace He finds this refuge in his family home at Hartsbridge Together with his service dog Kaylee he hopes to piece his life together and find a life for himself far from his father s political campaigning.Josh helps his father with their family s bagel business He has dyslexia and never finished high school He is lonely a [...]

  6. It s one of my 3 reads, meaning not much to say about it It was nice enough, although a bit much about the dog title could also have been My service dog and I.

  7. A very low key romance, but still one I enjoyed quite a bit.I will say though that I ate like five bagels while reading this book It is a horrible, horrible enabler.

  8. This was a nice story with nice main characters who had a nice courtship and a nice ending If you like nice, this is for you For me, I m okay with nice, per se, but I think I went in expecting the story to be a bit edgier Michael was an injured soldier and I guess I was wanting him to be.well, edgier I went in expecting to read an angst filled story filled with lots of hurt with even comfort, ready to have my heart a mess as I read a highly emotional story Instead, I got a nice story that was [...]

  9. ARC provided by the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an impartial review This is a sweet story starring two sweet MCs, both of whom have a communication disorder, one with speech and one with reading It s hard to find anything to dislike about either of them, and their romance proceeds along in a fairly uneventful way, certainly not with the angst and conflict I expected with one being the son of the state s governor who happens to be gathering his political forces for a run toward t [...]

  10. 3.25 starsThe first book of Hartsbridge Island universe, Change of Address was a slow paced and sweet story of two characters with disability, grappling to live a normal life This is my first Jordan S Brock s book and I considered this a somewhat success debut With a couple of notes.What I liked was the characters former Air Force Michael, Bagel maker Josh and his father, and of course Michael s service dog, Kaylee Dad or Mr Goldberg was easily the most awesome parent any offspring could ask for [...]

  11. Java Girl s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsJordan S Brock is a new to me author and I don t think I could have picked a better book for an introduction to her work than Change of Address This gay romance featured two men, both broken in their own way While there was some sex in this book, there was a slow build up to it and it wasn t the focus of this book The focus was these two men finding a way to be together despite their issues, finding acceptance in one another, and for one [...]

  12. My Review Whoais book was so much than I expected and I loved that It s always a risk when you pick up a new author, but this risk was a good one I do really enjoy this author s voice It was an extremely readable book with a very sweet romantic story I fell totally in love with Josh and Michael.Josh grew up on this small island He and his dad run the local bagel shop He s used to the comings and goings of the rich tourists His family is a big NYC Jewish familylots of extended, nosy family, but [...]

  13. 4,5 stars.It is such a sweet, lovely book, a perfect comfort read, especially after something emotionally draining It is not light and it is not superficial Just a very gentle, romantic and at the same time realistic story of two people slowly finding their way to each other It s awkward sometimes just like it is in real life, with all those insecurities people have does he like me like me or is he just friendly How do I ask for his cell number Why doesn t he answer my text in, like, fifteen min [...]

  14. When you want to love a book and you re pretty sure it s going to be great becausewounded hero and service dog.y to be left disappointed Here s the thing this book had the recipe to be a total success but it didn t live up to its potential.Michael s character was nicely written and I feel like his PTSD, anxiety and depression were pretty accurate and researched BUT this book was supposed to be a romance between two men, and Michael s strong relationship with his service dog took the focus away f [...]

  15. I loved this sweet book so very much I m already missing Michael, Josh and Kaylee This book is one of those that you don t want to see endingA great read huge 5

  16. Im Ferienhaus seiner Familie hat Michael Baldwin gl ckliche Zeiten als Kind verlebt Und dorthin zieht er sich zur ck um den Forderungen und Erwartungen seiner ehrgeizigen Familie entgehen Sein Vater ist Gouverneur und erwartet, dass Michael den politischen Weg seiner Vorfahren folgt Doch Michael denkt gar nicht daran berhaupt muss er sein Leben irgendwie wieder auf die Reihe bekommen Denn Michael ist ein Kriegsveteran, der selbst nach fast drei Jahren noch immer mit PTDS, Sprachschwierigkeiten, [...]

  17. What a beautiful book, definitely a new favorite for me Michael moves to the town where he once vacationed with his family to start a new chapter of his life, and he meets Josh, who runs the local bagel shop with his dad There are a few dramatic moments, but the book is mostly made up of quiet, domestic scenes, with lots of immersive details about these characters daily lives.I wanted to read this book because of the service dog, and she plays a big role She s very important to Michael, who has [...]

  18. I received one copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review This review was first posted on Nautical Star Books Change of Address by Jordan S Brock is a slow and sweet gay romance featuring Michael, wounded warrior , his loyal service dog, and Josh, bagel shop owner extraordinaire And while there were a lot of things I loved about this story, it lacked a certain oomph to it that would have really grabbed my attention.Michael is the son of an up and coming politician He wants n [...]

  19. 4.5 Stars If there s one thing I m familiar with in this world, it s the concept of comfort food I m a firm believer that it can definitely reduce stress and anxiety, give a much needed pick me up, and make your hurt and pain take a backseat, even if only for a while I loved it that Josh and his dad own a bagel deli shop on this island community in New Hampshire It s hard to find good bagels outside of New York City and Josh s recipes come straight from Brooklyn and his bubbe That s also where h [...]

  20. This review was written for Joyfully Jay Reviews, and can be accessed here joyfullyjay 2016 11 reviewMichael Baldwin is a retired Air Force sergeant, a wounded veteran who barely survived a bullet to the head After two years of therapy and learning to manage his agoraphobia and anxiety with the help of a service dog, he s ready to live on his own in the sheltered community of Hartsbridge Island, New Hampshire There, Michael can stay off the radar of his father, the Governor Closeted, and wishing [...]

  21. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsI really liked watching their courtship unfold The added tension of Michael s demanding father was interesting, as well Josh and Michael are both sweet guys and they complement each other in personality and skill sets Josh is embarrassed regarding his lack of education and Michael supports him without shame Michael struggles with simple tasks in public, like talking to strangers or even loved ones and Josh give him the space and quiet reassurance he needs to unwind h [...]

  22. Jordan S Brock is a new to me author with what looks to be a first full length novel as seen in GoodReads When you take that into consideration, this is a really good first start.It has several elements that appeal to me PTSD hurt comfort , body image Josh s , a guide dog , standing up for one s self Michael , learning disablilty Josh , mixed religion couple, aphagia Michael , bi sexuals Josh , small town, and bagels It s kind of a lot though, and I think a focus on one or two of these many thin [...]

  23. 3.5 Stars I ve got to lead with Kaylee here, you guys Michael, our ex Air Force sergeant and wounded vet, has a service dog named Kaylee, a lovely, smart, amazing German shepherd who basically steals every scene she s in I completely loved her and all of the fantastic ways the author showcased the different ways in which service dogs can help people I ve read things about service dogs and therapy dogs before, of course, but never in this manner, or where I felt so connected to the relationship b [...]

  24. 3.5 An engaging well paced character driven story about two men who have to overcome obstacles in their lives.Character only plots are not my favourite but this one did grab my attention and kept me interested in the story.Michael has the biggest obstacles learning to live with the consequences of a shooting whilst serving in the air force, years of recovery and now able to survice on his own with the help of his service dog Perhaps the focus being on Michael and Josh didn t allow a full explora [...]

  25. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is a tooth achingly sweet romance A wounded soldier hiding from his wealthy and powerful family finds comfort in a local bagel shop and forges a gentle friendship with the shop owner.A bullet to the head has left Michael with lasting brain damage and frightening PTSD He lives in isolation with his service dog The whole scenario complete with faithful dog felt slightly like a cheap play for readers emotions How could anyone [...]

  26. Extra delicious Self conscious Josh and recovering from a head wound Michael set a course for an HEA Michael s asshat father provides the family drama, whilst super awesome Josh s father provides the open arms Some great conversations between Josh and his father Just a few pages of sex kept the anticipation of when it would happen as an undercurrent of nearly every scene with J M A great light read that teaches you to live for yourself and not what someone wants you to be 4.0 for Kaylee.

  27. 3.5I m torn between a 3 and 4 star rating because I really liked it for the most part The writing is engaging, the MCs are likeable and fit together well, and their courtship, its challenges and awkwardness are endearing That part of the story is really well done however, there were a couple elements introduced into the story plot that, while presented as minor in the grand scheme of the story, were actually pretty important in their own right and them being glossed over ignored was a problem fo [...]

  28. A very sweet book with a strong heart and an even stronger understanding that it s not an easy decision to be in a relationship with someone with PTSD and anxiety Brock writes two excellent leads who, of course, like each other right away, but that immediate attraction is tempered by very real issues that are openly discussed and worked on together over time It makes the book richer and warmer for the work that s put in.

  29. I really liked this story about a veteran with PTSD, Michael, who decides to go to the family s island home to recuperate with his guide dog Kaylee He meets Josh, the cute bagel shop guy, almost immediately, and they start up a burgeoning friendship I loved the slow burn romance as well as the realistic way in which the PTSD was described However, I felt that the end was too rushed and left lots of loose ends.