[PDF] Go to Hail | by ↠ Lani Lynn Vale, Go to Hail, Lani Lynn Vale, Go to Hail Everybody has problems But Travis Yeah he has so many problems that he finds it hard to breathe sometimes He spends five years catering to his ex wife s every want and need all to make it possible to continue to see his child He isn t supposed to fall in love with a woman but he does He isn t supposed to find someone that is willing to put up with his ex wife s crazEverybody has probl, [PDF] Go to Hail | by ↠ Lani Lynn Vale - Go to Hail, Go to Hail Everybody has problems But Travis Yeah he has so many problems that he finds it hard to breathe sometimes He spends five years catering to his ex wife s every want and need all to make it possible to

  • Title: Go to Hail
  • Author: Lani Lynn Vale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Go to Hail

Go to Hail [PDF] Go to Hail | by ↠ Lani Lynn Vale - Go to Hail, Go to Hail Everybody has problems But Travis Yeah he has so many problems that he finds it hard to breathe sometimes He spends five years catering to his ex wife s every want and need all to make it possible to [PDF] Go to Hail | by ↠ Lani Lynn Vale - Go to Hail, Go to Hail Everybody has problems But Travis Yeah he has so many problems that he finds it hard to breathe sometimes He spends five years catering to his ex wife s every want and need all to make it possible to [PDF] Go to Hail | by ↠ Lani Lynn Vale

  • [PDF] Go to Hail | by ↠ Lani Lynn Vale
    453Lani Lynn Vale
Go to Hail

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  1. My heart broke for her with this line You forgot my kids today I noticed how you didn t forget yours I can t forgive the H s behaviour

  2. I wrote a review but that review was not nice at all But I ll just say this one thing A man calling his ex wife a bitch it s like calling his mother sister daughter the same Because a woman gave birth to him So when he calls a woman a bitch you re basically calling your poor mother sister daughter the same Not to mention he s a mitch male bitch for doing it I hate it, I hate it when a man does this in a book So my message to this hero isAnd you know what

  3. Omfg Travis a dickless wonder, a big fat zero Hannah was no better as she s the doormat everyone must walk on They shouldn t be allowed to reproduce There s nothing redeeming in this story.

  4. I don t even know what to think about this book I m really with mixed feelings This author was one of my favorites but I confess that lately has let me down.Hero who isn t captivated me and that was under the thumb of the crazy ex wife and a daughter who treats him like dirt.He had a really weird relationship with heroine and although they had a child together he kept her a distance with fear of his ex wife Attitude which is not worthy of a hero in my book.Just don t like the characters and addi [...]

  5. Oh what you to us Lani Lynn Vale I ve been dying to find out about Travis and Hannah and boy was there a lot to find out Travis is one of those hard working, good guys who always tries to do right regardless of what it costs him, physically, emotionally and financially He s had a lot of tragedy and sadness in his life and life just keeps throwing the bad at him He has an ex wife that is making his life a living hell and turning his daughter against him Travis may very well be one of the few her [...]

  6. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the book Have you ever met people that ALWAYS have something wrong going on in their lives or happening to them Like it s one disaster after another That s pretty much Hannah and Travis plight in life and maybe even the plight of the Hail family as a unit Both of them are decent people that managed to get attached to heinous exes, but Travis really takes the cake Her retaliatory antics honestly kept me invested in the book She was also one of my b [...]

  7. Loved this book and this series, I can t wait for the next book In fact all of her books coming out are books I count down to.

  8. So very disappointed Expected a lot from this author Huge fan but just lately the stories don t live up to her previous books.

  9. 3.75 Psycho Ex StarsLani Lynn Vale sure gave us another HOT and exciting new story with Go To Hail I ve been anxiously awaiting for Hannah to have her very own HEA since LLV s Code 11 KPD SWAT series, biting my nails during Wolf s book, and then when Travis was announced as her H, I ve been counting down the days until I got their story.And what a story it is Damn, talk about between a rock and an hard place And I m not just talking about Travis here, but POOR Hannah Hadn t she already suffered [...]

  10. Travis knows he is not doing right by Hannah, she has stayed by his side even though his ex has continued to create havoc and his daughter has made it clear she hates her Travis never should have married his ex, she didn t want him but she makes it clear no one else can have him either threatening along the way Travis is worried Hannah is going to walk away and with it his son, her daughter Reggie and the love of his life Hannah When push comes to shove Travis makes a difficult decision but will [...]

  11. Go to Hail Hail Raisers, yes Please After getting a glimpse of Travis Hannah in Hail No I ve been chomping at the bit to dig into their story I was intrigued as hail to learn why Travis was refusing to have a relationship with his baby mama It was obvious to me that they had the hots for each other in a big way, so why was he denying himself Hannah is a nurse She s very good at her job and well liked by her co workers and her patients Actually, everyone likes herexcept Allegra Yeah, once her man [...]

  12. I adore Lani Lynn Vale and always look forward to reading her stories especially when they are about secondary characters that have been mentioned in past series , after meeting Hannah in Execution Style , Rusty Nail , and then seeing a clearer picture into her and Traviss story in Hail no I couldn t wait to get my hands on Go to hell witch surprise surprise I wasn t disappointed totally loved it This can be read as a standalone but I d suggest the you at least read the books listed above in tha [...]

  13. I both loved and hated Travis for most of this book With how he changed so often I m surprised that Hannah bothered to stay around The thing is when things were good, they were good, but then Travis s asshole gene would come out and hurtful things got said Sure Travis was lashing out, but it didn t make any excuse.I was glad that they were able to work things out, that both girls were surrounded by family, that the wicked bitch was in a place she deserved and Travis and Hannah were living a happ [...]

  14. everything was gray in the story i was sad for all of them and not in good waye Hail family were so post to be close and happy because they have each other and love each other but you can t see it because she didn t paint the picture of a normal happy family the guys weren t brotherly with each other and i didn t like it everything was icy and hero was really an asshole and so fucking weak and heroine was so stupid and weak she s a mother she should be stronger i don t get why women in these sto [...]

  15. This and other reviews can be found at imasweetandsassybookwhore ARC I think Go To Hail may have had my emotions going in overdrive than any other of Lani Lynn Vale s other books I was curious about Travis and Hannah since the previous book but I don t think I prepared myself for what I got in Go To Hail Oh and I apologize in advance because there will be some bad puns in this review and well if you don t like it you can Go To Hail Just couldn t help myself.When you read about their relationshi [...]

  16. Life and love are messy and amazing Ahh, Hannah and Travis I couldn t wait to dive into their story and it was another who needs sleep read by this author Real people in real situations, with a generous does of drama, are hallmarks for this series and this outing is no exception If you re waiting for me to give a shit, you might want to get a snack Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are trying to do your best to make everyone happy and seeming to fail on all counts Travis is f [...]

  17. I don t think there are enough words in the English language to express how insanely incredible Go To Hail is Absolutely addictive, beautiful, heart breaking, and still having the signature humor that is always in Lani s books Go To Hail is yet another favorite in a long list of favorites from Lani Lynn Vale Travis Hail s life is a mess Constantly torn between the woman he loves and their child, and his ex wife and their child he s stuck in a life full of unhappiness Hannah is equally as miserab [...]

  18. This is Book 2 in the Hail Raisers series and you should read Book 1 before starting Go To Hail After reading book one I couldn t wait to read Travis Hannah s story and Oh, what a story they have I can t think of an atrocious enough name for Travis ex wife, she is pure evil and making Travis Hannah s life a living hell, while brainwashing Travis daughter, Alex I was worried about these two and intrigued to see the twist web that was weaved in Hail No My heart broken for them and at first I was e [...]

  19. This is not the first time I ve wanted to scream at a man However, this is the first time I ve wanted to strangle one of the good guys with every fiber of my being I ve been so excited to hear the story of Hannah and Travis but I wasn t prepared for this I know deep down Travis is a good man I mean who would have put up with Allegra that long I understand why he was trying to keep the peace but once Hannah was pregnant he should have put his big boy pants on and manned up PERIOD I was screaming [...]

  20. DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain spoilers, quotes, rants and swearing.Late 30 something Travis Hail co owns Hail Auto Recovery with his brother Dante They also dabble in a bar that resides next door for diversification He was a Marine for 12 years, which instilled loyalty to the core Travis was blind sided when his wife divorced him suddenly Ever since he started to move on, she has been poisoning their 8 year old daughter against him To make m [...]

  21. I d been waiting for Hannah s book so long I wasn t sure I wasn t dreaming when I started this one And I loved it Well, there were a few exceptions Especially, I wasn t fan of how Lani Lynn Vale decided to get rid of Travis ex and couldn t stop reading.There was a lot angst than in other books whether in this series or previous ones and my heart was hurting for Hannah s predicament Travis was pissing me off no end I still loved him, that smug little shit rolling eyes

  22. I don t know who broke my heart , Hannah for basically being a single, struggling parent while living in a house with the father of one of her children or for Travis who was totally in love with her, but couldn t act on his feelings because he had a psycho ex wife who was still controlling his life and using the child they had together to carry on her nastiness when Travis spent time with her I think when it comes to strong women in books, Hannah is my new favorite She put up with so much and st [...]

  23. And she does it again I can always count on this author to give me what I need in a book The storyline is seamlessly written with lots of plot twists to keep things interesting One moment I was gutted for Hannah and so angry at Travis and the next I was angry as his ex for being so evil I laughed, cried and gasped in shock throughout the whole story and most of all I fell in love with this new world that Lani s created It shocks me how she rolls these book out so quickly yet they are utterly per [...]

  24. The power to influence or direct people s behavior or the course of events That s what it means to be in control to be able to make decisions for yourself and to help guide those people who mean the most to you.For quite some time now, Travis hasn t had much control over his life His sadistic bitch of an ex wife, Allegra, has been the one calling the shots for him, his kids, and the woman he loves for quite some time now, which has upended all of their lives, forcing Travis to be his ex s puppet [...]

  25. 5 SMOOCHES I m a huge fan of Lani Lynn Vale s writing, and I ve read all of her books The Hail Raisers series is quickly becoming one of my favorites Lani has gone back to her roots in Hail Raisers and has given her readers a suspenseful, less MC centric series As a long time reader, I couldn t be thrilled.Go to Hail kicks off with a hero that, frankly, at first glance it s kind of hard to sympathize with The I dug into his story, the clearer the picture became, and it wasn t quite as simple [...]

  26. Yep It official I m doomed So many books to read and not so much time to do so It s a struggle to get it done as well as everything else in a mom s life But it s a struggle that I don t mind taking I ve read a few books from this lady and since I m a gready girl I wanted so Here we go again Lani Lynn Vale had stolen my heart since the moment I read her first book Now I can t stop Her writing is intense, raw and super addicting Grab one book and see for yourself Go To Hail is the second book fro [...]