Æ Besting the Billionaire ☆ Alison Aimes, Besting the Billionaire, Alison Aimes, Besting the Billionaire Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always wins But he didn t count on high heeled drop dead sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal She s a distraction he doesn t need not when he s so close to making things right for his family Lily may walk and talk like a Southern piece of fluff but she s been underestimated before She s determined to succeed and no enBill, Æ Besting the Billionaire ☆ Alison Aimes - Besting the Billionaire, Besting the Billionaire Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always wins But he didn t count on high heeled drop dead sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal She s a distraction he doesn t need not when he s so c

  • Title: Besting the Billionaire
  • Author: Alison Aimes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback

Besting the Billionaire

Besting the Billionaire Æ Besting the Billionaire ☆ Alison Aimes - Besting the Billionaire, Besting the Billionaire Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always wins But he didn t count on high heeled drop dead sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal She s a distraction he doesn t need not when he s so c Æ Besting the Billionaire ☆ Alison Aimes - Besting the Billionaire, Besting the Billionaire Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always wins But he didn t count on high heeled drop dead sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal She s a distraction he doesn t need not when he s so c Æ Besting the Billionaire ☆ Alison Aimes

  • Æ Besting the Billionaire ☆ Alison Aimes
    162Alison Aimes
Besting the Billionaire

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  1. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the book.I so loved this book If you re a fan of Christina Lauren s Beautiful Bastard and Kresley Cole s The Professional, you too will LOVE Besting the Billionaire Alexi and Lily were so wonderfully and evenly matched and the tension that builds between them throughout the book is palpable, believable, and utterly delicious I love that their relationship is a natural progression and that the plot surrounding them is just as entertaining and rivet [...]

  2. Besting the BillionaireBy Alison Aimes4 StarsAlexander Kazankov has been working for years on this latest deal One that will bring satisfaction for everyone A deal that Alexander has stopped at nothing to acquire There is history of why he must gain control of this company Lena raised Alexander like he was her own child He must do this to finally bring closure to the loss Lena suffered.Lily Bennett recently lost her husband A marriage that was of a rescue than one of love With a past that has h [...]

  3. This is the first book I ve read from Alison Aimes and I am hooked Besting the Billionaire was not the book I expected when I requested to read it from NetGalley but once I started reading it I was just glad I did It exceeded my expectations, it had a little bit of everything romance, comedy, steamy scenes and mystery It was no wonder I couldn t seem to put this book down Both Alexi and Lily had tough childhoods and horrible past but those experiences has made them both hardworking, take no pris [...]

  4. It makes me proud when an author sees fit to give her alpha male, a taste of his own back For that reason I loved Besting the Billionaire Lily is a worthy adversary for Mr King of the Mountain When these two cross paths what follows is an intense battle of the minds, hormones and sexes Backing down is not an option and missing out on this magnetic read would be a mistake.

  5. What a story I think the billionaire actually went home with the best win Alexi is a man on a vendetta The prize Winslow Industries Newly named CEO of Winslow Industries in her husband s will, Lily is faced with a formidable battle to retain that title She s quite a woman Hardly anyone believes she has what it takes to pull the company up from its about to fail position She is strong, diligent, well educated, and determined to succeed Alexi a cold blooded, vicious businessman who will use whatev [...]

  6. This is a very different take on billionaire romances In this instance, Lily Bennett s elderly husband died and chose to make her the CEO of his family business much to the annoyance of one of her two step sons Her husband had been ill for some time and there are secrets about their relationship that his sons are unaware of.Lily is determined to rejuvenate the business and make it a success again but she s not just up against her stepson, Russian billionaire Alexander Kazankov is also determined [...]

  7. For once the woman holds the leverage in a Billionaire love story Alexi doesn t seem to broken hearted about it though Lily shows her worth time and again.

  8. Hero is a billionaire and wants to buy a company for revenge purpose Heroine is the CEO of that company Her husband much older left her that company after his death She is already fighting off her stepsons and other board members from taking over the company Now the hero wants to buy that company too Enemies to Lovers Book Put in a Hot Hunky Billionaire A very usual story, but surprisingly, we got a strong heroine Note I received a free e copy of the book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest [...]

  9. Besting the Billionaire is not your usual tale of the billionaire businessman finding love nor does is have the same type of heroine Instead this book is a tale of two strong and independent business minded people who want the same company One who currently has the legal right to it, and the other who will stop at nothing to get it back under his control They both have thier reasons for it but one things for certain things are about to get interesting in the board room Lily Bennett has something [...]

  10. alexander kazankov has been determined to bring down winslow industries for years now that winslow himself is dead, and his widow has been appointed the interim ceo he sees his chance but lily isn t the bubble headed trophy wife he assumes her to be and for all the damage her former husband inflicted on people, on his own family, he s still her saviorsting the billionaire becomes a battle of wills between lily and alexi, it s a battle for dominance and a battle against the attraction that sparks [...]

  11. Wow This book was intense Full of suspense and mystery I was on the edge of my seat until the very end Alexi and Lily are like oil and water and neither are afraid to play a little dirty to get what they want Both are after the same thing and they vow to do whatever it takes to win no matter what it does to the other Of course things start to change once the chemistry between them ignites and now they are faced with the dilemma of how to get what they want but still have each other Lily is such [...]

  12. I do love an entangled book and this is another fantastic one by there authors Alison aimes has done a great job with this book and it had me captivated from the very first page I was totally hooked till the very last page and I really enjoy this authors books and she is becoming one of my all time favourite authors out there and I would totally recommend both this book and her other books too And of course this author, you really should give this author a go as you won t regret it I promise you [...]

  13. Lily s husband died and left her the CEO of his company No one has faith in a woman running the multi billion dollar company Alexander wants his nemesis company and nothing will stand in his way, not even the beautiful, smart, sexy Lily I loved the banter between these two that ended in hot sex But someone really doesn t want Lily to take over the company and is doing everything to threaten and try to hurt her Alexander feels protective towards Lily and despite still wanting to take the company [...]

  14. This is the first book I have read by Alison Aimes and I was pleasantly surprised by Besting the Billionaire I won t tell you the storyline because you can read that for yourself Nor will I add any spoilers.The H and h are very strong characters, no wimps here The book is well written although there were some typographical errors in the editing I would classify this as adult reading material for its sex scenes and language There are family expectations and plenty of drama This author definitely [...]

  15. Alexander Kazankov and Lily Bennett want the same thing, to be the CEO of Winslow Industries They both have strong and convincing reasons for wanting this post, but there can be only one CEO While fighting to stay one step ahead of the other and trying to sway the board members in their favor, they have to keep a tight leash on their strong chemistry which makes them want to tear each others clothes off Besting the billionaire was better than I expected It was funny, sizzling hot, has romance an [...]

  16. This was a really great read Two strong main characters battling each other not only for their spot in the company but the all consuming and unwanted attraction between them Strong writing with enjoyable witty banter, a few plot twists here and there, and some steamy sexy times kept me turning page after page The chemistry between Alexi and Lily was sizzling I d definitely recommend this book to everyone.

  17. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.This book was better then I expected It started kind of slow but it got better as I read I love the way it ended We had no missing pieces Never underestimate the power of a woman What happens when people think you can t do something You prove them wrong.

  18. This is my first story by Alison Aimes and I can t wait to see what else this amazing author has I loved this story This was not your run of the mill billionaire love story and I loved it Alexi was sooooo dang yummy with all the bad boy vibes he gave off Lily was like a breath of fresh air in the h department the strength and sass was just perfect This book has heart, steam, suspense with a twist you don t see coming Five stars for sure

  19. First I must say that the guy on the cover brings Alexi to life He is exactly how I pictured him in this story And what a great character Alexi is He is so strong, aggressive, total alpha, and uber protective of those who are important to him Lily is a strong woman, who you can t help but admire after all she has survived The chemistry between Alexi and Lily was undeniable and full of fire The pages just burnt up with the scenes between them This was just such an intense read, so powerful and gr [...]

  20. I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.A really well written story with great characters.The pages just fly by.

  21. Cracktastic Russian billionaire and bimbo wife of head of family business.Lily Bennett s elderly husband has died and made her the CEO of his family business in his will but the vultures are circling, including her two step sons, her husband had been ill for a long time and allowed the business to falter Can Lily exert control over the Board and rescue the business before their business rivals snap them up Russian billionaire Alexander Alexi Kazankov will do anything to acquire Lily Bennett s bu [...]

  22. Great romantic suspense with two strong leads Alexander Alexi Kazankov wants to right a wrong and Lily Bennett is in his way A few plot twists, supporting secondary characters, sassy banter and sexy times without any over the top drama make this an enjoyable read.

  23. An advanced reader copy was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 4 undeniably strong stars I have been told if a book has Billionaire in the title it has my name written all over it to read this ones for you Wendy What can I say It s the truth And I m happy to report that Besting the Billionaire by Alison Ames lives up to my Billionaire fantasy Romance, attraction galore, hot and steamy sex, mystery, and an alpha female that makes the reader stand up and cheer It pu [...]

  24. Well that was one hell of a story I loved every word, line and the two main characters Alexi hmph and Lily aka Armageddon as Alexi so lovingly referred to as Both of these two took my by surprise, Alexi doesn t have a kind bone is his Russian body and is out for revenge, taking what he thinks rightfully belongs to the woman who raised him The mother of the daughter he loved and is no .Lily inherits this failing business form her now deceased husband, a year after his death the will is read and h [...]

  25. This book was annoyingly stupid We have a hunky alpha Russian born billionaire, Alexi, who is attracted to Lily, the CEO of a company he has vowed to take over in order to pay back the woman who helped raise him because the company was stolen from her years ago by another billionaire who then married Lily and died a year ago.Lily is fighting off the efforts of her stepson and some members of her husband s board who don t want some trailer born beauty to be running their company They have no reas [...]

  26. Alexander Kazankov knows what he wants, how to get it, and never fails He is fierce in every aspect of his life When his rival passes, and his widow is set to take over his company, Alexi wants to fight for it There are reasons for his go getter attitude and no one has ever melted the Iceman No one until Lily Bennett After her husband passes, Lily is out to prove to his family and company that she can handle the takeover even with a hothead like Kazankov trying to snake it from her When the two [...]

  27. I voluntarily read this advanced readers copy of this book Strong characters and a great story line You will love reading this book from Alison You ll love reading Alexander and Lily s story She won t let him stand in her way Alexander is trying to make things right for his family until Lily gets in his way.

  28. Alexander Alexi Kazankov wants Winslow Industries, but Lily Bennett isn t about to let him have it without a fight Yet, she never imagined Alexander would get under her skin the way he does But the these two push each other to come out on top, the they risk both personally and professionally Will things end in disaster, or will they fight for their shot at happy ever after Reading any book by Ms Aimes is always an absolute pleasure, and this book was a highly entertaining, fast paced enemy to [...]

  29. Billionaire Alexander Kazankov always does what it takes to win, but he didn t count on his reaction to the sexy Lily Bennett getting in the way of his latest deal She s definitely a distraction that he doesn t need, especially since this deal is personal, making things right for his family Lily is used to being underestimated, but she s determined to succeed, and no entitled, arrogant, too gorgeous for his own good man will get in her way The battle has started to prove who is the right choice [...]

  30. Alexander Alexi , a billionaire, and Lily, a widow, both have hopes for a certain company, one that Lily s husband left to her upon his death While their marriage wasn t an actual love match, but he saved her, and for that she s grateful She wants to do right by him and his business.As for Alexi, his goal is revenge based, wanting to make those suffer who harmed Lena, the woman that treated him as her own.As Lily struggles to maintain the company against the efforts of her stepsons, and others, [...]