[PDF] Easy Prey | by ì John Sandford, Easy Prey, John Sandford, Easy Prey In life she was a high profile model In death she is the focus of a media firestorm that s demanding action from Lucas Davenport One of his own men is a suspect in her murder But when a series of bizarre seemingly unrelated slayings rock the city Davenport suspects a connection that runs deeper than anyone had imagined one that leads to an ingenious killer ruthIn life she was a high pr, [PDF] Easy Prey | by ì John Sandford - Easy Prey, Easy Prey In life she was a high profile model In death she is the focus of a media firestorm that s demanding action from Lucas Davenport One of his own men is a suspect in her murder But when a series of biza

  • Title: Easy Prey
  • Author: John Sandford
  • ISBN: 9780743484183
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback

Easy Prey

Easy Prey [PDF] Easy Prey | by ì John Sandford - Easy Prey, Easy Prey In life she was a high profile model In death she is the focus of a media firestorm that s demanding action from Lucas Davenport One of his own men is a suspect in her murder But when a series of biza [PDF] Easy Prey | by ì John Sandford - Easy Prey, Easy Prey In life she was a high profile model In death she is the focus of a media firestorm that s demanding action from Lucas Davenport One of his own men is a suspect in her murder But when a series of biza [PDF] Easy Prey | by ì John Sandford

  • [PDF] Easy Prey | by ì John Sandford
    304John Sandford
Easy Prey

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  1. Good series intriguing,complicated but not a compelling storyline as the othersgood writing as always paperback

  2. Minnesota native Sharon Olson has blossomed into supermodel Alie e Maison, and she now returns to Minneapolis for a very sexy photo shoot Following a hard day s work, she spends a hard night partying at the home of a wealthy socialite Alie e shoots a little heroin, enjoys some playful sex with two other women, and then suddenly turns up choked to death When the cops arrive, they discover yet another woman who has been killed and stuffed into a closet Things are going to get very dicey in a big h [...]

  3. A supermodel is found strangled at a wild house party and her death is guaranteed to create media frenzy There are also two other factors complicating Lucas Davenport s investigation The first is that a another body is found in a closet at the house, and the second is that one of his cops, an undercover narcotics officer, was also at the party Lucas will have to put a little overtime in on this one.With a house full of drugged up fashion industry people there when the model was killed, Davenport [...]

  4. Alie e Ah lee ah is a young up and coming model The new hottest thing in the fashion industry When she is found murdered at an after shoot party, it is sure to become a media frenzy Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport is called in to help control the situation and hopefully wrap it up quickly When a second body falls out of a closet Lucas knows this is not going to happen It doesn t take long to figure out that drugs play a role in both deaths Lots of bodies are found over the course of the investigati [...]

  5. Eleventh in the Lucas Davenport thriller series and revolving around a cop who will do what he must to get the right bad guy This is set in Minnesota.My TakeIt s plain old police work on this, but Sandford spiffs it up with all the oddities the drugs, the relationships between all the partiers, Lucas relationships with new and old girlfriends, and all the manipulating they had to do to keep the press off their backs Sandford certainly pulled me in easy with this beginning, and it turned out to b [...]

  6. I love this series, and I love Davenport but, for me , this book just didn t measure up to the first 10 can t love them all but still not sad that I read it on to book number 12

  7. Kind of a disappointing letdown with author John Sandford s eleventh Lucas Davenport series book, Easy Prey After the previous two books in this series being extremely solid thrillers this one falls short The plot itself kept confusing me With the large number of characters in this yarn it s was sometimes difficult trying to remember who fits in with who Also the uniqueness of the character s names didn t make it much easier to follow Coming in at over 380 really too long pages Paperback , the p [...]

  8. TEN STARS Picture this Dragnet starring Sean Connery with Bob Hope s writers punching up the dialogue The last 100 pages have made John Sandford my number one mystery genre recommendation You ever tried phone sex She asked Tried once, but it doesn t work I feel like a silly jerkoff That s sort of inevitable, she said On the other hand, I m good at giving it I wouldn t want to use the word brilliant, but then, I m a modest kind of guy Really That s interesting, she said I mean, how would you star [...]

  9. As may be evident from my previous reviews, I m working my way through John Sanford s Prey series featuring Minneapolis Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport I believe the total is 21 as of about a year ago, and a new one, Stolen Prey, is set for publication next month It s fair to say I ve loved them all so far but this one, the 11th, a little less than the others That s not to say it isn t good, because I enjoyed it But that said, I finished it in less than two days to get it behind me and move on tha [...]

  10. My 2nd time through, and still enjoyable.Davenport is pulled into the world of high fashion and art A gorgeous model has been found dead in an upscale neighborhood during a party Earlier that day, she had done a photo shoot that bordered on soft porn.The players her mom and dad, who pushed the small town girl into her career and rode her coattails vicariously Her brother, who is a charismatic preacher in the area The partiers, where recreational drugs ran rampant Her girlfriend and her boyfriend [...]

  11. Not one of my favorites The cops, including Davonport, had a hard time coming up with a coherent premise for their investigation There were two many possible motives and too many suspects and not one of them turned out to be right At the same time Davenport is also bungling his relationships with women This felt like a bridge book it just doesn t stand up well on its own merits.

  12. As much as I like John Sanford, he can at times be predictable, racist, who isn t cruel, angry, vengeful and appear to derive pleasure of torture and its description Such is the case in the Prey story Unless you can t get enough of the aforementioned, the only parts worth reading or listening to is the last quarter of this novel which actually manages to be creative, exciting and less repulsive It s too bad the story didn t start there instead Because the ending saves this from being a complete [...]

  13. Lucas Davenport is a busy, busy deputy chief these days A supermodel is found dead at a party, another woman dead in a closet High fashion, drugs and all that comes with that life makes this one quick read Just enough twists to keep it interesting, after that ending I m glad I own this series and don t have to wait for it to be released.

  14. I wanted to like this book as I ve enjoyed most of Sandford s other novels from the Prey series, but I took issue with a couple of things The ending I won t ruin it for you, but given all that happens in the book, the ending is anticlimactic to say the least.Detective Davenport s invincibility He runs through speed traps in his Porsche, he uses multiple witnesses as bait, he strings along three women at a time And gets away with it Davenport is an interesting character, but this is teetering on [...]

  15. Lucas Davenport is called to investigate an apparent murder The victim is a photographers model The case gets complicated when another body is found stuffed in a closet It seems everyone has secrets and as the investigation continues bodies start to fall left and right Meanwhile a former lover unexpectedly is back in Lucas s life, while Lucas finds he may have another chance with the only woman he has ever loved I have read several books in Lucas Davenport series and find I like his character m [...]

  16. I bought this at the airport en route to a vacation Sandford s Davenport novels are always entertaining, an easy read and just complicated enough that you don t know whodunit to the last few pages Perfect leisure reading As always Lucas is suave, smart and in control Plus his love life is almost as challenging as his detective work.

  17. I have read a lot of his books and this one departs somewhat from his usual formula Someone is killed, but the killer is not identified and because of the person that is killed, others are killed This book has twists and turns than the usual Sanford book.

  18. Love the Lucas Davenport character This was a very intriguing book About the time I figured out the culprit, that person would be killed So needless to say, the book held by interest Very enjoyable read.

  19. This one was a little different as we did not get the bad guy s commentary through the book It was a good twist.

  20. If I m not mistaken, this is the first Prey I ve read where the identity of the killer is truly unknown to the reader and to Lucas Davenport till the very end of the book It s a good thing too, as the reader is therefore spared the pages dedicated to the killer and his murdering acts Each time a killing occurs, Davenport and teams from either Minneapolis or St Paul police arrive after the facts.It all starts with the murder of two women at a private glitzy party, where it is soon suspected lots [...]

  21. While the last several installments of the prey series have been action thriller based this book swings the plot back towards the mystery side of the street While previously we have known exactly who the bad guy was in Easy Prey, Sandford keeps that information not only hidden but completely obfuscated with a truck load of red herrings Honestly I am torn between the two styles this series seems to jump between and each has their merits I am not sure if that is all due to the structure of Easy P [...]

  22. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK JULY 13, 2015Narrator Richard FerroneThis was a mess and not even an exciting mess It felt as if Sandford threw in a bunch of weirdos with Old Testament names, added lots of red herrings, his now annoying love life, his entire police department and regurgitated the lot.I couldn t follow it even though it s just a simple whodunit Listening to this was like trying to see where the buckshot went EVERYWHERE And the choice of killer was so lame as to be laughable C mon, after 12 a [...]

  23. Easy Prey Lucas Davenport Book 11 Summary When Davenport is called to the white stuccoed house, after the party, he knows it s for no usual case For one thing, the strangulation victim is Alie e Maison, she of the knife edge cheek bones and jade green eyes as models go, one of the biggest For another, there are a few small complications Such as the drugs in her body and the evidence that she had recently made love to a woman Such as the fact that one of Lucas s own men had been at the party, and [...]

  24. I would not say, it is perfect, but it is close to a perfect novel The story is interesting and so fancy, a common crime story that often happens everywhere, but makes the story beautiful is the story lines and the narrative John Sandford is very good with structuring an interesting dialogue, and he is good with illustrating events with words I can say He is an imaginative mothef cker Only thing, that could be counted a negative point, is the usage of names, sometimes, first name and then the la [...]

  25. An inexcusably lazy effort from Sandford Here s perhaps a spoiler, the story s plot and character development get flushed down a toilet at the end.It s a very mediocre book, I m sorry I read it While some authors grow in one s appreciation for their work over time, my experience with Sandford has been the opposite and I ll probably not read another of his works I guess he gets well paid for putting enough words down to fill 400 pages or so, he doesn t seem to put much effort or creativity into t [...]

  26. I guess it was inevitable After the high quality of the previous two Prey novel, a drop off had to come sometime Luckily Sandford s average is still higher than most This time Davenport and his people investigate the murder of a fashion model and a bystander during a party at a socialite s mansion The cops get everything wrong but each time still find enough to take the next step in the right direction Nothing great but worth the price of admission.

  27. Good reading Second time around I really like Lucas Davenport John Sanford He speaks so descriptiively and conversationally I feel as though I am a part of the action There are several story lines running concurrently, and so smoothly they are exciting and easy to follow The ending is spectacular never would have guessed it Thoroughly enjoyable and I highly recommend it

  28. An early Lucas Davenport has him chasing down the killer of a popular photographers model at a party as well as another guest At the same time he is torn between an old college girlfriend his surgeon friend who seems to have forgiven him for problems in an earlier book and one of the women involved in the current case Sandford always delivers a good read and as usual I enjoyed this one,