[PDF] Blitz kehrt heim | by Ð Walter Farley Marga Ruperti, Blitz kehrt heim, Walter Farley Marga Ruperti, Blitz kehrt heim Der Rapphengst Blitz hat eines der schwierigsten Rennen von Amerika gewonnen Da meldet sich sein fr herer Besitzer der Araberscheich Abu ben Isaak Schweren Herzens muss Alec seinen geliebten Blitz in die arabische Heimat zur ckreisen lassen Aber so schnell gibt Alec nicht auf Er folgt seinem Hengst auf einer abenteuerlichen Durch querung der gro en arabischen W ste WiDer Rappheng, [PDF] Blitz kehrt heim | by Ð Walter Farley Marga Ruperti - Blitz kehrt heim, Blitz kehrt heim Der Rapphengst Blitz hat eines der schwierigsten Rennen von Amerika gewonnen Da meldet sich sein fr herer Besitzer der Araberscheich Abu ben Isaak Schweren Herzens muss Alec seinen geliebten Blitz in

  • Title: Blitz kehrt heim
  • Author: Walter Farley Marga Ruperti
  • ISBN: 9783505123443
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover

Blitz kehrt heim

Blitz kehrt heim [PDF] Blitz kehrt heim | by Ð Walter Farley Marga Ruperti - Blitz kehrt heim, Blitz kehrt heim Der Rapphengst Blitz hat eines der schwierigsten Rennen von Amerika gewonnen Da meldet sich sein fr herer Besitzer der Araberscheich Abu ben Isaak Schweren Herzens muss Alec seinen geliebten Blitz in [PDF] Blitz kehrt heim | by Ð Walter Farley Marga Ruperti - Blitz kehrt heim, Blitz kehrt heim Der Rapphengst Blitz hat eines der schwierigsten Rennen von Amerika gewonnen Da meldet sich sein fr herer Besitzer der Araberscheich Abu ben Isaak Schweren Herzens muss Alec seinen geliebten Blitz in [PDF] Blitz kehrt heim | by Ð Walter Farley Marga Ruperti

  • [PDF] Blitz kehrt heim | by Ð Walter Farley Marga Ruperti
    467Walter Farley Marga Ruperti
Blitz kehrt heim

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  1. Just like the first volume, I read this a looong time ago and loved it Now that nostalgia has me gripped firmly, I ll re read this shortly.

  2. Some kids books I can come back to, but not this one, alas.Seventy years on, there ve been than a few societal changes in regards how members of non mainstream culture are portrayed Not completely perfect, mind Even today, sadly, I m sure there are people who d wonder about the propriety of offering an Arab cold ham salad though in fairness, Farley didn t specify the character s religion He might not be an observant Muslim There s a minor character in The Black Stallion who is a missionary in p [...]

  3. BRED FOR BATTLE OR FOR RACINGAfter a mysterious attempt on the Black s life by an unknown one armed assassin, Alec is shocked to meet an Arab sheik who claims to be the true owner Regretfully surrendering the horse he has trained and loves dearly, Alec expects to spend a gloomy summer before his senior year Conveniently for all concerned racing owner, Mr Volence, agrees to take both trainer, Henry and the devoted youth abroad to seek better bloodlines for his stables and incidentally search for [...]

  4. The Black Stallion Returns is every bit as riveting as the first novel in the series Here we find Alec and The Black resting on their laurels after their big win against Cyclone and Sun Raider Their happily ever after is soon shattered, though, when The Black s rightful owner comes to the U.S to claim him That might have been the end of it, but Sun Raider s owner, Mr Volence, appears to appeal one last time for a chance at the Black, only to find he has returned to the world he was stolen from N [...]

  5. The Black Stallion Returns is probably the BEST book in the Black Stallion Series I would very much recommend this book to anyone who is a lover of the equines, or loves mystery and suspense I think there was a movie of this book, and I know that there is a movie of the 1st book in the Black Stallion Series Here is a short summary of this AMAZING book After Alec and the Black The Black Stallion win the match race against Cyclone and Sunraider, Alec and The Black become VERY famous Some people ar [...]

  6. I think this is where I ll stop rereading this series, as it s just become much too dated and Boys Own to be much fun It s still a good classic horse adventure story but all the casual sexism, racism, colonialism and assorted other isms of the time diminish its enjoyment a lot.

  7. This is the second book in The Black Stallion series I loved the book so much, it was super suspenseful The guys travel across the desert to find the Black s tribe With the hardships of the desert they finally made it They met everyone and ran into the villian of this story He steals the Black and Alec ends up finding him Alec ends up able to race him against some of the best Arabic riders, and Alec did end up winning Since that happened the Chief was super impresses and happy with Alec He ended [...]

  8. I read this series, as a child I would get heartbroken over the mistreatment and be relieved when wrong was avenged.

  9. Great read.I enjoyed this second book by Walter Farley The book is written for a younger age but enjoyable by all.

  10. Alec and the Black reunite on the hot sands of the desert This one was maybe a bit strange, it struck me as odd that Alec could have made it this far But it s a story, and so much fun and so exciting I loved the setting, and of course, the amazing characters.I need to binge read this series again

  11. The Black Stallion series is one that is known to many The story of a boy, shipwrecked with a wild horse who becomes his friend, captures the heart of many This book, The Black Stallion Returns, is the second in the series You don t necessarily have to read the first book before this one, but it does help to read it for background, so I recommend going in order.Alec has had quite a shake up First someone tries to kill the Black Stallion, and then, just hours later, his real owner shows up to cla [...]

  12. When I was a kid, I looked favorably on people of Arab decent partly because of The Black Stallion Returns The Arabs presented here are hard working, courageous individuals who live in a lawless land and therefore have to meet out their own brand of justice Arabs were like cowboys in robes as far as I was concerned.Now that I m older and wiser I know that it s best to hate everyone equally It s so much easier that way Still, I wonder if this book has been pulled from some school library shelves [...]

  13. I first read The Black Stallion 1 way back in 4th grade This was during my horse animal stories phase of reading you know, like Black Beauty and National Velvet So naturally I enjoyed the first book about Alec and the Black But up until now, I had no idea this was a series I was at the library and saw these books and of course I had to read it.This story takes place a few years after the first one Alec thought the Black was always going to be his, but one afternoon a man arrives to tell him and [...]

  14. This book was written with than a love of horses in mind, it also includes an interesting look into history and gives us a glance into the Arabian culture that modern books tend to completely disregard Before the days when you would hop on a plane to cross the ocean, back when horse racing was truly the sport of kings, one boy went with his friends on a journey around the world to reunite with his horse This is the story of Alec and the Black, continued with perfection You can almost feel the h [...]

  15. This book developed too slowly for me until 3 4 of the way through when the danger increased Then it actually became a page turner.Pet peeve How many times did I have to say Abu Ja Kub Ben Ishak Could this man not have an acceptable last name A nickname In the very beginning, it seems to be okay to call him Abu Ishak But then every single mention is a five word name that one must pronounce in one s headuntilSuddenly his name is shortened THREE PAGES BEFORE THE END Painful simply painful.

  16. The girls and I enjoyed the second book in the Black Stallion series We continued our creative license of making Alex into Alice so that the lead character was a girl, and other than the constant cognitive load it put on mommy to make the appropriate pronoun switches, it was totally seamless in the plot There were a couple of moments of violence that I softened, just because we re queasy in that department, but other than that, the girls particularly enjoyed the suspense aspects of what turned o [...]

  17. A quick trip into childhood by returning to the Black Stallion books This story was kind of inevitable the real owner of the Black turns up and takes him back to Arabia But Alec, Henry and Mr Valence, a racehorse breeder, decide to travel out there to see him They get lost in the desert, caught up in a tribal war and Alec ends up riding in a high stakes race a brilliant plot for a children s story Yes, as an adult its very easy to sneer at it, but the inner child in me loved it a great read.

  18. Similar to the legend of Frank Hopkins in Hidalgo, Alec and The Black run a long distance race across the Arabian Desert At stake is the ownership of The Black.Walter Farley is a very talented writer You can tell that he knows his stuff when it comes to horses His characters and plots are also well developed His books are ones that are geared toward children, but are written with such class that adults can enjoy them as well.

  19. Continues the story of the Black as Alec travels to his home in the desert This the first time I ve read this since I was maybe 11 or 12, and I d forgotten how much I learned about how people traveled by flying boat or boat plane, then by camel caravan across the desert , about religion details about the daily call to prayer , and about the culture of the desert nomad and the importance of their horses in their culture Loved every minute.

  20. This one was kind of depressing The Black s rightful owner comes to claim him, and in the end, view spoiler he keeps him hide spoiler Still, the other parts were pretty good Raj was nice, and Alec taking part in the race to help out the Black s owner was good of him, and I even ended up liking the Black s owner The action is solid and somewhat exciting, but it s all overshadowed by the depressing bits of it.

  21. This book didn t attract me as much when I was a child although I enjoyed it It lacks of the horse and has of an adventure story Now that I can view it as that I like it The tale starts with an attempted assassination of the Black and Alec losing his beloved horse to an Arabic chieftain Alec adventures across the world with some fascinating details of their travelling in order to find the Black.

  22. Love the original book despite, as an adult, picking up on a lot technical things that really annoy me and still found the second book in the series The Black Stallion Returns to be a bit duller, hard to keep the momentum of the first book going, and generally disappointing since, in the end, the boy doesn t get the girl, the horse I remember it being one of my least favorite in the series and it still is, apparently.

  23. This is the first book I read in the series and my favorite I read it in Jr high school and loved the adventure of going to another country getting lost in the desert etc I soon discovered the first book and that I had read it in grade school under the title Big Black Horse I have read the whole series and I still like them They take me back to a simpler time in my life.

  24. Very, very different from the movie Apparently I started this series on book 3 the first time around, assuming I knew the plot from the first two movies well enough Not true Other than the location in Arabia and the race, it s almost a completely different story This whole series is great for any horse lover.

  25. Starts slowly, Abbi couldn t get in to it But I just read a review that said it picks up so I think I will read to her for the first few chapters that are boring and then she will naturally take over as she becomes interested.Update Abbi read it and her only comment was a monotone, It wasn t as good as the Black Stallion Still trying to decide if I want to try it or not.

  26. I haven t read this one since I was a kid but the nostalgia took over Still loved it As some others said there have clearly been some cultural changes since these books were written, but get over and focus on the story of the love between a boy and his horse Even if the horse doesn t technically belong to him I ll be re reading the whole series again.