Roasting in Hell's Kitchen Best Read || [Gordon Ramsay], Roasting in Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay, Roasting in Hell s Kitchen Everyone thinks they know the real Gordon Ramsay rude loud pathologically driven stubborn as hellFor the first time Ramsay tells the full inside story of his life and how he became the world s most famous and infamous chef his difficult childhood his brother s heroin addiction his failed first career as a soccer player his fanatical pursuit of gastronomic perfecti, Roasting in Hell's Kitchen Best Read || [Gordon Ramsay] - Roasting in Hell's Kitchen, Roasting in Hell s Kitchen Everyone thinks they know the real Gordon Ramsay rude loud pathologically driven stubborn as hellFor the first time Ramsay tells the full inside story of his life and how he became the world s mos

  • Title: Roasting in Hell's Kitchen
  • Author: Gordon Ramsay
  • ISBN: 9780061443008
  • Page: 493
  • Format: ebook

Roasting in Hell's Kitchen

Roasting in Hell's Kitchen Roasting in Hell's Kitchen Best Read || [Gordon Ramsay] - Roasting in Hell's Kitchen, Roasting in Hell s Kitchen Everyone thinks they know the real Gordon Ramsay rude loud pathologically driven stubborn as hellFor the first time Ramsay tells the full inside story of his life and how he became the world s mos Roasting in Hell's Kitchen Best Read || [Gordon Ramsay] - Roasting in Hell's Kitchen, Roasting in Hell s Kitchen Everyone thinks they know the real Gordon Ramsay rude loud pathologically driven stubborn as hellFor the first time Ramsay tells the full inside story of his life and how he became the world s mos Roasting in Hell's Kitchen Best Read || [Gordon Ramsay]

  • Roasting in Hell's Kitchen Best Read || [Gordon Ramsay]
    493Gordon Ramsay
Roasting in Hell's Kitchen

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  1. you can probably read this book in an hour its fine, its not life changing, but it at least got me off of my biography month is destroying my love for people i love jag gordon ramsay is what he is he makes food, he says fuck a lot, he wants people to cook and appreciate food in their own kitchens, and if you work for him, he will probably bust your balls a lot end of book its mostly quick because its written exactly as he talks, which is fast and peppered with delightful british colloquialisms [...]

  2. when i saw gordon on his television show, hell kitchen, he intimidate me and i thought i do not like this person after reading this book, i have to say i have a new respect for him his childhood trauma having abusive and alcoholic father how much he trying to protect his mother with his hard work he is renowed chef.

  3. I like Gordon Ramsay He d think I m a idiot, but I never miss Hell s Kitchen or Masterchef or Junior I m a good candidate to burn water, have a terrible palate, and first graders have better knife skills than me, but yetI read this very quickly, mostly because I was curious about his culinary start His horrible father, his opioid addicted brother, his rough upbringing were interesting to me than I would have thought The book is now than ten years out of date, but his start is fascinating It s [...]

  4. sosaysthewhale.wordpress 2In a world where celebrity crushes tend to be leading actresses rockstars, mine are chefs Bobby Flay Gordon Ramsay are my favorites, much to the dismay of my boyfriend.I work in a bookstore and one of the wonderful perks of working there is that I m able to borrow anything that catches my eye When I saw Gordon Ramsay s autobiography one day, I immediately pounced on it and knew I needed to read it.Anyone familiar with Gordon s television shows knows he s very no nonsens [...]

  5. Roasting in Hell s Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, or as it s known in the UK Humble Pie is an autobiography about the celebrity chef The book is interesting If you re a fan of Gordon Ramsay s television, or like to hear about famous chefs the book delivers that However the book has a few flaws The writing in the first couple chapters is slow, and Ramsay s discussion of how he learned to be a master chef While he goes into a lot of detail about his relationship with his father, and his initial jobs it [...]

  6. My wife introduced me to Gordon Ramsay a year or two ago At first, I just saw episodes of Hell s Kitchen in passing Then I started watching episodes of Kitchen Nightmares Finally, I made it through the final of the most recent season of Master Chef.I was sucked in by Gordon s passion His outspokenly blunt assessments of the weaknesses of restaurants, chefs, and restaurant food Because of his shows, I ve begun to have a critical eye towards restaurants and the quality of the food I eat I m takin [...]

  7. Gordon Ramsay is one of the most fascinating celebrities in existence and has demonstrated his great charisma, talent, and expertise several times over on his hit television shows Kitchen Nightmaresand Hell s Kitchen Ramsay s autobiography, Roasting in Hell s Kitchen, is worth the read regardless whether you re a fan of his or not because reading of his achievements is tremendously empowering and motivating You can t help but have magnified respect for Gordon Ramsay after reading this book.Roast [...]

  8. This book was phenomenal I saw so much of my personal life in Chef Ramsay s I lived with my mom, grandmom if you could call her that , my sister No father in the home I had the same horrid, rough upbringing, but in my home my grandmother ruled with an iron fist She was psychopathic, brutal, violent, verbally abusive Very few times was she calm I felt fear creep over me when she got into one of her spells and it would last for days And I prayed on my knees every night it would be over.My sister, [...]

  9. Gordon Ramsay made people look at culinary arts in a totally different light This career took on a manly persona, but why What was it about Gordon s views that made this career as ruthless and difficult as it appeared on Hell s Kitchen Is the career truly so tough, or is it all about ratings When I purchased this book, I thought I d get the dirt on Ramsay s life That good looking tough ex soccer player had to have an interesting story, and interesting it was Ramsey didn t lead the charmed life, [...]

  10. I would give this a 3.5 I have seen some of Gordon Ramsey s shows such as Kitchen Disasters, etc this book was written about eight years ago Gordon writes about his painful childhood growing up in poverty and moving often his alcoholic violent father Part of his childhood in made a bit happier when he is a good enough football player soccer to us in the USA he played on several teams and was good at it injuries while playing curbed his chance to ever go professional guess a good thing for him he [...]

  11. Anyone who knows Ramsay only from Hell s Kitchen commercials will be very surprised at the person that is found in this text Rather than being a simple and rather crude person, Ramsay s lived quite a life and given up a lot for the simple goal of becoming very good at cookery His book gives a great deal of background of the making of the person of today, from his loves to his family issues You never get the impression that he s hiding anything, and his stories are well chosen and often highlight [...]

  12. I ll admit that I m a Gordon Ramsay junkie I love his shows, his work, and his food My main issue is this I hold every chef come writer to one gold standard Tony Bourdain.Tony can write Lord, can that man write.This book felt like one large summary Meh 4 stars for Ramsay 1 for the writing 2 it is.

  13. an accurate account of the life of a chef and foodservice in general it is either in your blood or it is Not I would recommend to any person considering being a chef or owning a restaurant also if you want to own a restaurant you should watch a minimum of 2 seasons of kitchen nightmares to see how bad things can get.

  14. Anyone who enjoys the Hell s Kitchen series will enjoy this book Surprisingly, Ramsay admits that he has some problems with his mouth Sheesh, do ya think lol After perusing this bio, you ll come away with a completely different respect for those who endeavour to take up the Chef profession and it is by far a hell of a ride You ll also have a deeper understanding and respect for what goes on in the kitchens of the world you visit To you, you order an item off the menu and bam it s put on the tabl [...]

  15. I have admired Gordon Ramsay for a long time despite his liberal use of the F word He has a rather volatile reputation, yet he expects excellence from others around him pushing them beyond their limits I think I started to really follow him when I saw him on a live cookalong I immediately made that steak diane dish and then I started cooking of his recipes It made my life delicious I enjoy his shows too like Kitchen Nightmares and recently Masterchef Junior He has such a passion for food, it s [...]

  16. This was the first book I ve finished that was received thanks to my participation in the BookMooch book exchange website I ve wanted to read this for at least a couple years now, ever since I finished binging all of Chef Ramsay s Kitchen Nightmares episodes on Netflix, and I m so glad I finally got to It had been on my wishlist all this time, so to receive it through BookMooch at long last, and then to enjoy reading it this much, I guess I m just trying to say that the time I spent waiting for [...]

  17. Celebrity autobiographies are always a mixed bag They re equal parts self promotion and self medication often than not But sometimes they re revealing in ways they don t intend, and occasionally the author or, frequently, the ghost writer is pleasant to read.So let s take it in reverse order.The writing is not objectionable There is an over reliance on the simple declarative sentence I m not sure if that is pandering to the perceived audience or if it is a style choice author ability statement. [...]

  18. This was a marvellously entertaining and fast paced version of Gordon Ramsay s life and work, from his own perspective.Now, as a matter of course I checked out a biography written about him by someone else for comparison s sake I found both stories remarkably similar, for the most part, so I think Gordon s pretty good about talking about himself And I don t mean that in an egotistical way he goes on in the book about deploring liars something he I share as a character trait so it s clear he s pr [...]

  19. Its often difficult to rate someone s autobiography and especially of someone who is around It does not give you a sense of reading a complete story Because of that very feeling, I did not know whether to rate this book a 3 or a 4.I have rated it a 4 because when you compare the Gordon Ramsay on TV and than just Hell s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare with the words and tone of the book its all the same That to me speaks that he may be brash and rude and what not but atleast he is honest and he ha [...]

  20. let me start by saying that i love love love Chef Ramsay i watch Hell s Kitchen, Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares He awakened my passion for cooking.But he s a chef, and i wasn t expecting too much from his book Boy was i in for something i was totally fascinated by this book he seems like such a jerk on tv but ive heard that his students love him and it was interesting to read why he is the way he is and how he came to be that wayis is the story of his insanely bad childhood, how he escaped i [...]

  21. bookcrossing journal 5Having read Hell s Kitchen I now feel that I understand Gordon Ramsay s personality a little better His fanatical pursuit of perfection seems to be as a result of his difficult childhood However I wonder if his constant use of the f word is entirely necessary as all it really shows is lack of vocabulary This makes me feel that maybe nowadays he continues to use it for effect in print and on the small screen.He is obviously very passionate about his restaurants and the meals [...]

  22. A very in depth look at the iconic cook that we all know and love to hate from Hell s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.I walk away from this book with a renewed respect for Gordon Ramsay It was surprising to me to find out that he came from such meager beginnings, and rough family life Ramsay worked his way from the very bottom to where he is now Ramsay is a story of someone that actually goes from rags to riches, but works his bum off to get there.From the very beginning of the book, it s evident [...]

  23. okay I have to admit I ve never seen a single episode of Hell s Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares or anything else involving Gordon Ramsay I was too focused on Anthony Bourdain I picked this up to find out how these two potty mouthed chefs differ from each other in their backgrounds, views on cooking, and life in general.I don t know if I d read this again but wow, I learned a lot Even if you despise the guy I have no idea why you would but apparently lots of people do give it a try It s a quick rea [...]

  24. For starters, there are no surprises there, so anyone looking for buried secrets in Ramsay s life might come out of the book disappointed That said, the book is definitely interesting.The way the book has been compartmentalized, it finely projects the important aspects of Ramsay s point at that point of time And when the culinary pursuits begin, the food lover in you cannot help but experience a thrill.Ramsay is what he is, and he doesn t apologize for that But you do get to have a glimpse at a [...]

  25. I admit to having a bot of a celebrity crush on Gordon Ramsay I ve always loved his brutish no nonsense way of running his kitchens, as it s depicted on TV When I saw this autobiography I though it would be a great opportunity to see how much of the bravada we see on screen is real and what is not Reading this book showed me that, at the end of the day, Gordon Ramsay is really just like you and me I never knew the tough life he had growing up and how he quite literally clawed his way to the top [...]

  26. A speedy and quick but feisty and all encompassing read from my favorite celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay A great read for fans, home cooks and wanna be chefs alike he talks like a person not a professional chef, making it an easy read for any of the above He got down and dirty about his rocky childhood, the hatred he had for his father, and his junkie brother He talks about having his go at football before settling into cookery school and the journey that took him all the way to where he is today [...]

  27. This book is hilarious, and I bet Gordon pissed off a lot of people telling it like it is, but that s just his way I was fascinated by how Gordon went from being a council kid, poor as hell, with an abusive father who moved the family constantly to the multimillionaire gourmet he is today The book is written in Gordon s snarky, yet sincere voice, which took a bit of getting used to, but made the book him, really It s a little bit dated, as this book was published before 2005, but a great biogra [...]

  28. i love watching kitchen nightmares and hell s kitchen and find chef ramsay fascinating, so i was really interested in reading this this book chef ramsay talks about his beginnings and wow what a tale it is he literally pulled himself up out of a family home of abuse and drugs and made himself a star he loved football soccer and that was his dream, until he was injured so he began working in the kitchen to escape his horrible family life he really worked his arse off and earned all of the accolad [...]

  29. Ramsay is enad of his own accomplishments than Anthony Bourdain, but less in love with himself than Marco Pierre White is Therefore, his book is less entertaining to read than Bourdain s, but enjoyable than White s At times it s hard to keep up with the cast of characters he s worked with over the years, but Ramsay dishes aplenty on all the juicy stuff the people he s feuded with, the women he s slept with, all the times he was reduced to tears in the kitchen You definitely come to understand [...]