Hiss of Death Best Download || [Rita Mae Brown], Hiss of Death, Rita Mae Brown, Hiss of Death Beloved authors Rita Mae Brown and her feline co conspirator Sneaky Pie Brown sow the seeds of an all new mystery featuring Mary Minor Harry Haristeen sleuthing cats Mrs Murphy and Pewter and that incorrigible corgi Tee Tucker This time around the onset of spring ushers in than hay fever as the animal friends must come to the aid of an ailing Harry to sniff oBeloved authors Rita, Hiss of Death Best Download || [Rita Mae Brown] - Hiss of Death, Hiss of Death Beloved authors Rita Mae Brown and her feline co conspirator Sneaky Pie Brown sow the seeds of an all new mystery featuring Mary Minor Harry Haristeen sleuthing cats Mrs Murphy and Pewter and that

  • Title: Hiss of Death
  • Author: Rita Mae Brown
  • ISBN: 9780553807080
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover

Hiss of Death

Hiss of Death Hiss of Death Best Download || [Rita Mae Brown] - Hiss of Death, Hiss of Death Beloved authors Rita Mae Brown and her feline co conspirator Sneaky Pie Brown sow the seeds of an all new mystery featuring Mary Minor Harry Haristeen sleuthing cats Mrs Murphy and Pewter and that Hiss of Death Best Download || [Rita Mae Brown] - Hiss of Death, Hiss of Death Beloved authors Rita Mae Brown and her feline co conspirator Sneaky Pie Brown sow the seeds of an all new mystery featuring Mary Minor Harry Haristeen sleuthing cats Mrs Murphy and Pewter and that Hiss of Death Best Download || [Rita Mae Brown]

  • Hiss of Death Best Download || [Rita Mae Brown]
    265Rita Mae Brown
Hiss of Death

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  1. Dear Sneaky Pie Brown I have always really liked the books that you allow Rita Mae Brown to co author with you and by the way, why does she always insist on having her name listed first but I have had a little problem with the last several books I know that this is no way your fault, but would you please ask Rita Mae to tone down on the political opinions While I may agree with some, or even most of these opinions, I find that they distract from the flow of the narrative and can even be off putt [...]

  2. I didn t finish this book and let me tell you why After two chapters I remembered why I hadn t finished the last Mrs Murphy book either the author s insistence of putting her opinions about government and politics and all kinds of other issues into the mouths and minds of her characters.Here s the thing, I don t necessarily disagree with Brown s opinions on global climate change, entitlement reform, or gay rights, but this book series isn t the place to voice them I ve been reading these books f [...]

  3. I like cosy mysteries where half of the main characters are animals But this would have been way enjoyable if the author didn t use her characters as mouthpieces to preach at the reader.

  4. So far this is much preachier than previous books in the series Heavy handed message delivery I am a bit disappointed Will see how this develops Almost 100 pages in now Lurching from petroleum dependence to the high cost of farming to alternative technologies to health care reform to imported products made in China Rita Mae, I fear, has lost the sense of lighthearted joy that percolated through the earlier books P 160 Add misguided legislation that is crippling agriculture, the case for legalize [...]

  5. Apparently, Rita Mae Brown has become old and cranky and taken Harry with her So sad to see this series deteriorate into a platform for the author s pet peeves.Also, it was absolutely unbelieveable that Harry would deal with breast cancer with no support from the regular characters she has loved and supported throughout the years They are all missing from the book with little or no explanation In their places are just pages of data dumping in dialogue form No one would stand by and listen to the [...]

  6. Remember when this was a great series Not so much any This used to be my favorite series It used to have exciting plots and wonderful, charming characters Not so much any Now the plots are thin and boring Now the characters are trite and flat.The last two books have killed this series for me Brown no longer seems to care about her stories or her readers She spends most of her time, every third page or so, boring us and pulling the reader out of the story by beating us over the head with her po [...]

  7. I have read everyone of Rita Mae Brown s books from her earliest to this one and I have either loved or enjoyed almost all of them However in this book it seems that Ms Brown has forgotten that the essence of a novel is a good story Tell me a story and you can preach politics all you want, make social commentary, and let your opinions hang out But remember to show me not to tell me I can read the daily news and get all the insanity and political naivete that I want But when I m reading a book by [...]

  8. I have read a lot of the Mrs Murphy, Pewter and Tucker books but I agree with the majority out there this was one of my most horrendous reads of the year I understand the necessity of addressing the cancer part of the story, and it is important, hell, my mother, sister and aunt had breast cancer and I ve had at least 5 other relatives die of it But if you want to air your uneducated backwater views on politics, write an editorial in your local paper No one cares, is interested or wants it in the [...]

  9. This is nothing less than the worst book I have ever attempted to read I say that with no exaggeration, or as an attempt to grab attention It is preachy, rambling, badly written, and in such serious need of harsh cuts it astounds me this was published at all I am seeing in the other reviews that previous books in the series were better I will try one of those, then I am not sure how it could get worse I have a new low bar for published literature, and it is Hiss of Death.

  10. This was a little disappointing There were so many medical warnings that I felt like I was being preached at through most of the book It became very tiresome I think it is fine to slip in that the main character is going for a yearly check up or that another has been told by his doctor to lead a healthier life style, but it was everywhere you turned in this book and got in the way of the story The mystery also didn t take center place I never felt as if it developed because there were so many si [...]

  11. I picked this book up because I have always trusted Rita Mae Brown s books to be good, cozy mysteries Something to read in between heavier, lengthy tomes However, I am quickly becoming tired of the political sermonizing that is appearing and The main characters are the same in this novel, but there is less development and they their dialogue is trite and clich d And almost every character has something to say related to social or political issues If Brown wants to talk about political and so [...]

  12. HISS OF DEATH.Ah Spring as a wave of tilling and planting sweeps over Crozet,Virginia,Harry is especially excited this is her first year planting and harvesting grapes to sell.But than a health care crisis sends her reeling into the forbidden world of doctors and hospitals, treatments and procedures.Harry is diagnosed with stage one breast cancer surviving this journey will be tough on her Fair her husband and her animals mrs Murphy, Pewter and Tucker will help steer her in the right direction o [...]

  13. Used to love, love, love this series It is now getting too preachy and too, too, too insular I enjoyed the mystery but I m really getting tired of all the criticism of our country to be fair, there is a lot to criticize but this series doesn t seem to over any solutions and tends to get insular instead of trying to do something Have always love the animal s Harry s dog and two cats perspective and view of the human world This is augmented occasionally by other animals Harry s horses wild fox a s [...]

  14. I absolutely loved this one It s been a while since I ve had a chance to read a Sneaky Pie Brown book, and I really do enjoy the series I was a tad saddened by the cancer stuff, but mainly as I have lost a sister to this dread disease and would hate to lose a main character and ergo a favored series to this disease as well This was tastefully handled though and didn t really detract from the mystery at all I am looking forward to a chance to get my hands on the latest couple of these as well

  15. If you want a treatise on cancer, ways of treating it, the medical profession, exercise programs, and vituperation about government, read this book.If you want a good mystery, with funny comments by cats and dogs, go back to one of Brown s early novels She must have had to deliver a certain number of words, because she really padded this book Even repeated a few sentences Does she not have an editor any I m really disappointed, as I had looked forward to reading this one But it was difficult to [...]

  16. Ms Brown is still using her fiction to beat her readers over her head with her political views I still love Tee Tucker, Mrs Murphy and Pewter, but the subplot was both unrealistic and annoying view spoiler When Harry is diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer, does she cry and scream and rage at the unfairness Nooooo, she goes and works out and solves multiple murders hide spoiler

  17. What can I say I m loyal to a fault, which is the only reason I ve kept reading these this long I very rarely give out 1 star reviews, especially to authors whose books I ve read many of But it s really a struggle to continue this series at this point It took forever to read this one, and I usually blast through cozies in a day or so I read cozy mysteries for escapism I mean, come on s a book with talking animals I obviously don t want reality here I want to be entertained Instead, I was annoyed [...]

  18. I enjoyed this one a bit than the last few However I wish the murders mystery had made sense We only find out the reason when the killer lays everything and even then it wasn t a very good explanation and made almost no sense with the plot Rita Mae was slightly better about her political general belief rants that she turns into conversations of the characters Most of her info dumps had to do with cancer and illness and I guess I found that less grating than constantly hearing how evil governme [...]

  19. Always a good story The animals are so funny If only their humans knew what they were talking about The killer could probably be found a lot sooner I kind of had an inkling of who the one guilty party was, but not the other Always good to keep you guessing The story within a story about the Ewing Garth family in the 1780 s added another dimension to the book Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie never disappoint.

  20. Harry and her pets again solve the case This book hits close to home for many as Harry faces breast cancer Enjoyable reading.

  21. This book lost its charm with too much author ranting of political, economic, social and governmental opinion expressed by the animal and human characters Just not such a fun book to read.

  22. Greater mystery plusA well written mystery to confound even the most avid arm chair sleuth.Useful information on several topics of interest

  23. Ms Brown s descriptions are wonderful The mystery carefully plotted An easy read Maybe too easy as she spent much time on the soapbox, good information but not contributing so much to the plot This is the first book I ve read of her Sneaky Pie Brown series, and I would have thought the animals would have had input maybe Anyway, it was an easy read Leaned some information.

  24. Even though I love the series, Rita Mae Brown is beginning to lose me Mainly because she is getting too preachy Yes, I like the idea of her bringing things like breast cancer to the for front But she s having some of her characters give too many lectures.